Support Courses for Language Majors

Each language major must select one course from the following list. Ask your language advisor if you would like to use a different course (at the 300 or 400 level and with an international focus) to fulfill the requirement. To answer questions about how frequently a course is offered, please consult the host department.

ARC 321 Ancient Civilizations
ART 418 Renaissance Art
ART 419 Baroque Art
ART 425 Art of Asia
ART 428 Nineteenth-Century Art
ART 429 Art from 1900 to 1960
ART 430 Contemporary Art
BUS 396 International Business Seminar
BUS 515 Communicating in the International Business Environment
CHN 305 Understanding China: Traditions and Trends
CHN 340 Chinese Diversity Through Food
COM 340 Intercultural Communication
ECO 310 Issues in the Global Economy
ECO 311 European Economic History
ECO 460 International Trade and Finance
EDU 423 International Teaching Experience
ENG 305 Survey of World Literature, 1700-1945
ENG 306 Contemporary Literature
ENG 309 History of the English Language
ENG 315 Global Cinema
ENG 427 Medieval Literature
ENG 428 Renaissance Literature
ENG 350 Modern Japanese Literature in Translation (same as JPN 350)
FIN 461 International Financial Management
FRE 305 Advanced Studies in French Culture
GLT 210 Intermediate Modern Language Conversation (this Portuguese class counts for Spring 2019)
HIS 306 Europe in Renaissance and Reformation
HIS 309 Survey of World Religions (same as RGS 309)
HIS 340 Modern East Asia
HIS 350 History of Latin America
HIS 351 Global History of Childhood
HIS 401 The French Revolution
HIS 402 Nineteenth-Century Europe
HIS 403 Europe Since 1914
HIS 411 Modern France
HIS 412 Modern Germany
HIS 414 Europe During WWI and WWII
HIS 475 Modern Japan
HIS 476 The World Since 1945
HIS 481 Revolutionary Mexico 1810 to the Present
HIS 490 History Study Abroad
JMC 400 International Mass Communication
JPN 350 Modern Japanese Literature in Translation (same as ENG 350)
MGT 557 International Management
MKT 396 International Marketing Seminar
MLA 314 Cultural Heritage Abroad
MLA 533 Language and Culture
MUS 381 Music History and Literature I
MUS 382 Music History and Literature II
MUS 530 Special Topics (must relate to Major)
PHI 305 History of Philosophy II: Modern/19th Century
PHI 315 Social and Political Philosophy
PHI 325 Philosophy of Art
PHI 356 Continental Philosophy
PHI 380 Philosophy of Language
PHI 383  Philosophy of Diversity
POL 451 Government and Politics of Europe
POL 453 Government and Politics of Latin America
POL 454 Government and Politics of Asia
POL 457 International Law and Organizations
POL 462 Modern Political Thought
PSY 326 Psychology of Language
RGS 309 Survey of World Religions (same as HIS 309)
SOC 336 Individual and Society
THD 420 Theatre History and Literature I
THD 421 Theatre History and Literature II