Ireland Summer Program

Irish CottageHave you been staring into the horizon lately and wondering about other worlds? Do thoughts of study abroad ripple across your days? Does Ireland resonate as a possibility in your “deep heart’s core” (as William Butler Yeats would say)?

If you can answer “yes” to any of the above questions, then this study abroad opportunity might be right for you. It is open to Murray State students on both the graduate and undergraduate levels, as well as to alumni and other non-degree seeking students.

As study abroad programs go, this one is highly affordable. Three faculty members in the English and Philosophy Department—Professors Michael Morgan, Peter Murphy and Ann Neelon—have designed it with cost uppermost in their minds. They have elected not to pay intermediaries to provide travel services. All arrangements have been/are being made on the ground in Ireland by the faculty members themselves. It is also crucial to note that Murray State puts such a high priority on study abroad that it will waive summer tuition for all those who participate.

The suite of courses we will be offering under the umbrella of “Get Your Irish Up!” should prove especially attractive to those interested in literature, mythology, language, history and politics. The centenary of the Easter Rising will be at the heart of all our study. Download the poster (pdf)

Graduate Level Program

ENG 614
REMEMBERING THE EASTER RISING: Visions of the Nation in Irish Literature

Doomed as it was, the Easter Rising nevertheless led to dramatic changes in the political landscape in Ireland after 1916. Of the eighteen leaders who were executed by the British for their role in it, three were prominent poets, and others were “literary men” as well. This special topics course will explore the degree to which Irish writers (William Butler Yeats, Lady Augusta Gregory, James Joyce and many, many more) have helped to foster the dream of Ireland as an independent nation. The focus of the course will be on the 20th century, but we will take a few backward and forward looks.

Get Your Irish Up!

“Get Your Irish Up” is the umbrella term for a number of undergraduate and graduate courses that will be taught in conjunction.  These courses will have in common a few basic readings (Yeats and Joyce, for example) and most field trips in Dublin, Galway and Belfast.  Check the calendar to get a more specific idea of the territory these courses will share. Download the tentative calendar (docx)

Course Dates:

June 3 - June 23, 2016

Application & Scholarship Deadline:

January 29, 2016

Online Application Available Here



Includes: Summer course tuition waiver, all program activities, transportation,* most meals
*Price does not include flight

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