Rory Goggins

 Associate Professor of Philosophy

Coordinator, Philosophy Program 

"We should love both: those whose opinion we follow, and those whose opinion we reject. For both have applied themselves to the quest for the truth, and both have helped us in it."

St. Thomas Aquinas Commentary on Aristotle's Metaphysics XII.9 (trans. Rosemann)

Rory Goggins



University of Pennsylvania


Montclair State University

Highlighted Publications

"Aristotle on Happiness and Death." Southwest Philosophy Review
"Preconceptions and Epistemic Priority." Ancient Philosophy 27 (2007): 371-390.

"Review of Epictetus and Happiness as Freedom by William O. Stephens." Ancient Philosophy 29 (2009): 468-471.

Courses Taught

Areas of Specialization

History of Ancient Philosophy

Philosophy of Religion

Leadership and Service

Coordinator, Philosophy Program

Professional Memberships and Affiliations

American Philosophical Association

American Catholic Philosophical Association

Society of Christian Philosophers

Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy


Dr. Rory Goggins

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