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Super Saturdays is a program for Primary Talent Pool students in grades 1st-3rd and gifted education students in grades 4th-8th. 

Classes are designed to challenge students 1-3 grade levels above where they are in school. Three mornings are spent with a small group of students exploring an area of interest with a teacher who has expertise in that field. The classes are STEAM-based (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) and can range from chemistry to foreign languages, to creative writing, arts, and engineering. The classes are all hands-on, problem and project-based. 


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Fall Session in Murray: November 2, 9 & 16, 2019

Spring Session in Paducah: March 7, 14 & 21, 2020

To participate: A student must be in the Primary Talent Pool (grades 1-3) or be formally identified in the GT program (grades 4-8) for the 2019-2020 school year, and be recommended by the school district's gifted and talented teacher/coordinator.

Registration: Courses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, and class size is limited to the first 12 paid registrants. You will be in the same class for three weeks. You must select a class within your current grade level. You will receive confirmation of registration indicating the class in which you will participate.

Tuition: Tuition for Super Saturdays is $75. Tuition must be included with the completed online registration form. Credit card payment is available on our website. For the fall session, price increases $5 after October 26th, 2019 at 11:59pm CDT. You must register by October 30th. If you have more than one child to participate, it’s $75 for the first child and $10 discount for each child after. Ask for the promo code! Tuition refunds may be granted if requested in writing one week prior to the first Saturday. 

Inclement weather: We recognize that inclement weather and other emergencies can affect the Super Saturdays’ ability to open for classes and the instructor and students’ ability to attend. In an emergency, the Super Saturdays program coordinators will make every effort to notify instructors and families by phone of the closure. Local radio and television stations will announce the closing. Inclement weather is NOT grounds for a refund. Alternate days, make-up sessions, and refunds will not be offered. 

Class descriptions

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Grades 1-3

  1. Storytime STEM: Fe-fi-fo-fum where can you find some STEM learning fun? In this class, we will use favorite children's folk and fairy tales to build our science, technology, math and engineering skills. Maybe we'll help the Gingerbread Man cross the river, or design sturdy homes for the Three Little Pigs, or possibly build a wolf-proof fence for Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother. Come and join the fun. -Taught by Natalie Pepper

  2. Out of This World: Have you ever wanted to travel through space? Now is your chance to become a Space Exploration Club member! In this class we will travel between special Solar Stops. Club members will learn fun information about everything spacey, while keeping a record in their Space Explorer’s Logbook.  Activities will take place along each Solar Stop! As Buzz Lightyear says, "To Infinity and Beyond!" -Taught by Jennifer Jatczak

  3. Ready to get creative using Newton’s Laws? This STEM hands on learning experience will allow you to get creative and have some fun putting forces of motion in action while developing engineering skills at the same time! -Taught by Kathleen Robinson

Grades 4-5

  1. Come Sail Away With Me: Let's dive into painting! In this class, you will learn how to paint beautiful ocean seascapes with acrylic paint. We will explore various mediums and painting techniques to make your piece come to life. Enjoy your art piece for years to come, and parents can frame your art to cherish the memories forever. Let's paint an ocean! -Taught by Tiffany Whaley

  2. Picture Perfect Science: Do you enjoy science and reading? In this class, we will read amazing picture books and connect them to awesome STEM activities. We will design and build a balloon car, spool car and bionic animals. If you love to problem solve and build, this is the perfect class for you. -Taught by Traci Crass

  3. Creative Writing: Calling all wordsmiths! Learn new and fun ways to write creatively! We'll use our senses to enhance details in our writing, learn different styles, and create a short piece to be shared on the last day. Bring your senses and imagination! -Taught by JJ Adams

Grades 6-8

  1. Spinners, Spoons, and Flies...OH MY! Are you looking to catch that big whopper on the lake? If so, this class is for you. You'll explore various types of artificial bait, and discover how different weights can affect the velocity and trajectory of your cast. Be ready to design and build your own lure to take on your next fishing adventure. -Taught by Sam Luker

  2. STEM Extravaganza: Inventors wanted. Must be up for a challenge. Willing to design and create contraptions from everyday items. Come on out and show of your STEM skills. -Taught by Melinda Smith

  3. Digital Art & Photography: Take your selfies to the next level! We will take pictures that are out of this world as we use green screens and a multitude of apps to create digital art masterpieces. -Taught by Jennifer Gream

Program Director
Dr. Susana Bloomdahl

Program Coordinator
Lisa Trimble
270-365-8030 ext. 3041

Administrative Assistant
Rachel Lundberg