School Counseling

 The School Counseling program at Murray State University welcomes all students interested in becoming a Mental Health Counselor who works with P-12 grade youth in a school setting. The program offers mental health training specific to working with diverse clients as well as the collaboration and leadership skills necessary to work in the school system. The American School Counseling Association National Model is emphasized as the framework for school counseling programs.

The Masters program is a 48 credit hour program that enables students to achieve their Provisional School Counseling certificate (P-12). The Education Specialist program builds on the Masters’ coursework to complete a total of 60 credit hours. Please note that this is a non-licensure track. If you would like to obtain your license, we offer a MA to Ed.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling option. There is an additional 24 credit hours to complete in the program. 

Counseling students in this program are challenged to grow professionally and personally to maximize their strength as mental health practitioners. Graduates are prepared to advocate for themselves and their profession by maintaining healthy working relationships with their clients, colleagues and other professionals. Below, you will find links that specify expectations and requirements to complete either degree in School Counseling.

School Counseling Program Coordinator
Dr. Susana Contreras Bloomdahl

Master of Arts in Education: School Counseling
The Master of Arts in Education in School Counseling is a 48-hour program designed to prepare individuals to work in mental health, consultative, and leadership positions in P-12 school settings. Students completing this degree are offered a clinical program that affords students with the highest quality faculty supervision through practicum and internship experiences. Graduates are eligible for Provisional School Counseling Certification (P-12) in Kentucky.

Tentative M.A. Ed. in School Counseling 48-Hour Program Advising Guide

Tentative M.A. Ed. in School Counseling Course Sequence - Murray
Tentative M.A. Ed. in School Counseling Course Sequence - Madisonville
Tentative Ed.S. in School Counseling Course Sequence
Tentative Ed.S. Licensure Track (MA to CMHC) Course Sequence

Please visit this web page from the Office of the Registrar to access current Academic Bulletins for information regarding curriculum requirements and course descriptions.