Professional Development School

The mission of the Murray State University Professional Development School model is to create a strong collaborative program between district and University faculty committed to developing exemplary teacher and improving p-12 learning. Teacher Quality Institute implemented this program 

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PDS Newsletters

Current Edition: Spring 2019 (Volume 1)

2018-2019 Participants

Benton Elementary

Principal: Kevin Jackson

School-Based Educators: Alicia Brophy and Brittany Ramage

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Candance Alexander and Courtney Driskill

Bremen Elementary

Principal: Grant Sharp

School-Based Educator: Leslie Owens

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Taeh Cartwright

East Calloway Elementary

Principal: Melinda Hendley

School-Based Educators: Tamyra Coleman and Aymee Herndon

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Haley Hounshell and Anna Quijano-Eckard

North Calloway Elementary

Principal: Monica Price

School-Based Educators: Kaysin Higgins and Chrystie Chapman

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Hannah Rickard and Megan Grzywacz

Clark Elementary

Principal: Steve Ybarzabal

School-Based Educators: Michelle Gordon, Elizabeth LeNeave and Kaitlyn Stevens

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Abigail Hosman, Whitney Howard and Jordan Russell

Grapevine Elementary

Principal: Steven Bauer

School-Based Educator: Amanda Sarles

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Brittany Anderson

Greenville Elementary

Principal: Stacie Jones

School-Based Educators:Jacklyn Murphy and Tally Rogles

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Bailey Vincent and Kristen Nantz

Heath Elementary

Principal: Laine Cooper

School-Based Educators: Stephanie Laird, McLane Crane and Christa Cochran

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Emily Olmeda, Nyssa Shemwell and Joshua Hawkins

Lone Oak Elementary

Principal: Jill Darnell

School-Based Educators: April Conway, Kelly Hoskins and Jill Wilcox

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Sarah Harris, Kayla Scheer and Kaitlyn Worrell

Longest Elementary

Principal: Brent Hardison

School-Based Educator: Jamie Oates

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Kristi Robinson

Millbrooke Elementary

Principal: Ryan Amerson

School-Based Educators: Michelle Nichols, Erica Kington, Lynda Sweeney and Jenna McCann

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Elizabeth Bealle, Jessica Burns-Dalziel, Morgan Goode, and      Lacie Miller

Southside Elementary

Principal:Millie Seiber

School-Based Educator: Sharon Hendriks

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Holly Morgan

West Broadway Elementary

Principal: Amy Smith

School-Based Educator: Wendy Gamblin

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Holly Morgan

Graves Middle School

Principal: Jonathan Miller

School-Based Educators: Daniel Catlin, Tiffany Manning, Jenny Lockard and Jessica Holder

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Lindsey Rucker and Kacie Moss

Lone Oak Intermediate

Principal: Marc Mavigliano

School-Based Educators: Susanna Perriello and Kelly Smith

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Kennedy Yates

Lone Oak Middle School

Principal: Brent Buchanan

School-Based Educator: Lori Hyde

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Christina Looper

Mayfield Middle School

Principal: Kim Reed

School-Based Educators: Nicole McGregor, Ashley Collins and Amy Hamilton

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Bailey Greer, Logan Oliver and Madison Mitchell Riley

Murray Middle School

Principal: Bob Horne

School-Based Educator: Clint Wilson

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Tyonna Williams

Paducah Middle School

Principal: Allene Houston Jones

School-Based Educators: Kelly Hack and Terica Gaines

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Haley Miller

South Marshall Middle School

Principal: Shannon Solomon

School-Based Educators: Patricia Murphy and Leslie Radcliffe

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Brittani Bradley Rogers and Emma Sevilla

Calloway County High School

Principal: Chris King

School-Based Educator: Erica Gray

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Samantha Sims

Muhlenberg High School West

Principal: Donna Bumps

School-Based Educators: Kendra Pate

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Maegann Hardison

Paducah Tilghman High School

Principal: Arthur Davis

School-Based Educator: Ross Kelley

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Amanda Sadler