Public Relations Major

Required courses (32 hours):
JMC 100T Transitions
JMC 168 Contemporary Mass Media
JMC 194 Newswriting
JMC 270 Basic Audio/Video Production
JMC 330 Mass Media Effects
JMC 391 Public Relations Principles
JMC 412 Writing for Public Relations
JMC 440 Research Methods for Public Relations
JMC 444 Public Relations Strategies
JMC 491 Advanced Public Relations
JMC 499 Senior Seminar
JMC 590 Mass Communication Law
Required Limited Elective (3 hours from the following):
BUS 140 Foundations of Business
GCM 250 Principles of Photography and Photojournalism
JMC 305 Copyediting
JMC 322 Mass Media Study Abroad
JMC 336 Script Writing
JMC 384 Sports Media
JMC 385 Directed Individual Study
JMC 394 Introduction to Advertising
JMC 396 Publication Design
JMC 397 Reporting for Print Media
JMC 398 Reporting for Broadcast and Online Media
JMC 400 International Mass Communications
JMC 492 Feature Writing
JMC 586
Special Topics
JMC 596 Internship
MGT 350 Fundamentals of Management
MKT 360 Principles of Marketing
Co-Requirements (6 hours):
CSC 125 Internet and Web Design
GCM 153 Electronic Imaging
Required Minor 21-24 Hours
Unrestricted Electives 11-20 Hours
Total Curriculum Requirements 120 Hours