Graphic Communications Media Major

University Studies must include:
STA 135 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
ECO 140 Contemporary Economics OR
ECO 230 Principles of Maroeconomics OR
ECO 231 Principles of Microeconomics
CSC 125 Internet and Web Page Design OR
CSC 199 Introduction to Information Technology

Core Courses:
JMC 100T Transitions
GCM 151 Introduction to Graphic Communications
GCM 153 Electronic Imaging
GCM 250 Fundamentals of Photography
GCM 351 Graphic Communications Processes
GCM 354 Principles of Estimating
GCM 365 Customer Service in Media
GCM 441 Desktop Multimedia
GCM 442 Digital Internactive Technology
GCM 454 Color Management & Quality Control
GCM 558 Trends in Graphic Communications
JMC 499 Senior Seminar
Required Elective (one of the following):
ACC 200 Principles of Financial Accounting
ART 353 Web Design
JMC 394 Introduction to Advertising
JMC 596 Internship
MGT 350 Fundamentals of Management
MKT 360 Principles of Marketing
Co-Requirements for Majors:
ART 111 Two-Dimensional Design
ENG 324 Technical Writing