Students may qualify for several scholarships based on a variety of criteria. Some of these criteria include merit (performance on ACT, for example), need and participation in various clubs/organizations. All scholarship awards are administered through the University's Scholarships Office. Most awards are announced by April 1.  

IMPORTANT: For the latest information, please visit the Scholarship Office. The application and award procedures have changed significantly. You MUST apply to be considered for any scholarship.

CSIS Awards

The department allocates funds for two major scholarships - CSIS Department award and CSIS Faculty Award. The CSIS Department Award is funded by calls made to alumni every year. Most of this is set aside for incoming freshmen. The faculty award is funded by donations from the CSIS faculty and is awarded to students who have been on campus for at least a semester.

Robert P. McCann Scholarship 

This is a generous amount funded by the McCann family and his students from his time here on campus (80s). He was one of the very early faculty members of the CIS program and instrumental in setting up this department. The award is designated for students in the CIS program.

Miscellaneous opportunities

In addition to those listed above, leading technology businesses offer excellent scholarships for you to study anywhere in the US. Some examples: Google, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.

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