Challenge Exams (CSIS)

The Department offers students an opportunity to test out and gain credit for several of our courses. The list for CSIS is given below. All CSIS exams are administered within the department for the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 terms. Please contact us for details.

 CSC125 - Internet and Webpage design (3 credit hours). Are you comfortable with HTML and CSS but don't have formal credentials to vouch for your knowledge? Then, this exam will validate your knowledge. Students will not be able to use the Internet as a resource during the exam. This course is part of the University Studies block.

CSC199 Introduction to Information Technology (3 credit hours). This is useful for students who are already well-versed in the Microsoft Office Suite. The exam is timed and consists of 5 components - Concepts, MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Access and MS-PowerPoint. You must purchase an access code from the publisher's site on the day of the exam; you must have either a PayPal account or a valid credit card. This code is for one-time use only. This course is part of the University Studies block.

CIS343 - Business Statistics II (2 credit hours). This is for students who claim expertise in Statistics - specifically, Statistical Inference. To qualify to take this exam, students must have taken and passed a qualifying introductory statistics course at another institution that teaches the same concepts taught in this class. The Center for Undergraduate Business Advising (CUBA) determines which classes meet this requirement.

Cost: The fee is charged per credit hour and  is set by the Murray State Board of Regents. Current info can be obtained at the Murray State Marketplace.  Some exams may require purchase of access codes. Check with us before planning your exam.

There could be other exams too. Please check with the CUBA office for the current list of exams.