CSIS Advisory Board

The CSIS Advisory Board was formed in 2001 by the Chair of the department, Dr. Victor Raj. The members serve as the sounding board for the department and provide guidance in all matters related to the well-being and success of the department, its programs and its students. It consists of leaders from industry and academia. Members are invited to participate and typically come to Murray once every Spring (in April). Some of our leaders have even added their name to awards for Outstanding Seniors and Graduates - United Systems, Ag Connections, Google, and An Island LLC.

The following list represents current advisory board members:

  1. Andy Adams (1992)
    Director of Relationship Management
    Lourdes Hospital, Paducah, KY
  2. Chris Bradley (2011)
    CEO, Pangeabookgroup
    Louisville, KY
  3. Jay Campbell
    Dixon Bank, Dixon, KY
  4. Paula Canaday-Daeke (1996)
    Owner | Daily Money Manager,
    Fiscally Balanced, LLC,
    Individual Financial Services, Atlanta, GA
  5. Mark Denham (1984)
    Sr. Client Solutions Mgr
    EMC Corp. Nashville, TN
  6. Bill Elder (1986)
    Enterprise Architect,  MTM Inc.,
    Base: Murray, KY
  7. Matt Gawarecki (2009)
    Software Engineer III
    Change HealthCare, Nashville, TN
  8. Traci Gawarecki (2011)
    Salesforce Deployment & Mobile Team Lead
    Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation, Nashville, TN
  9. Mark Gilliam (1986)
    Senior Vice President and CIO
    RegionalCare Hospital Partners, Nashville, TN
  10. Andy Heins (2006) – CISSP
    Vice President, Information Security Officer
    LifePoint Health
    LifePoint Hospitals, Nashville, TN
  11. Bryan Huddleston (1995) 
    CEO, DevDigital, Nashville, TN
  12. Mike Jett (1993)
    Development Team Lead
    Big River Steel, Arkansas
  13. Paul Jones (1992)
    Architect, Office of the CTO
    Collaboration Technology Group
    Cisco Systems, Inc, Raleigh, NC
  14. Balaji Kashyab
    Chief Executive Officer
    An Island LLC & Aiway Inc, Tell City, IN
  15. Tony Kinnis (1999)
    Technical Lead Manager, Google Inc.,
    Mountain View, CA 94043
  16. Ben Lemond
    Vice President - Engineering
    Matrix Design Group, LLC, Newburgh, IN 47630
  17. Jessica Lott
    GIS Specialist
    City of Paducah, Paducah, KY
  18. Angelo Munoz (2006)
    Product Solution Architect
    Industrial Training Services, Murray,KY 42071
  19. Elizabeth Murphy (1983)
    Information Technology Manager
    Honeywell, Metropolis, Illinois 62960
  20. Shawn A Odom (1994)
    Lead DBA- Enterprise Server Team
    Ascension Health Information Systems , Nashville, TN
  21. Daniel Owen (1999)
    Senior CyberSecurity Engineer, LifePoint Health
    Brentwood, Tennessee 37027
  22. Shanda Purcell (1995, MBA 2014)
    Director, Business Processes,
    Computer Services  Inc. (CSI)
    Paducah, KY
  23. Brandon Sharp (2002)
    Service Engineer Lead, CloudFit Software,
    Lynchburg, VA (Works from Murray, KY)
  24. Chuck Steinmetz (1983)
    Senior Director of Technology 
    Sodexo CTM, Nashville, TN
  25. BJ Stigall (BSB, 95, MSTSM, 2005, PhD 2021)
    Sr. Data Engineer at Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline
    Owensboro, KY
  26. Scott Waldrop
    President, United Systems & Software
    Benton, KY 42025
  27. Todd Wiser (1989)
    Specialist Leader
    DeLoitte E-Discovery, Nashville, TN
  28. Brad Young (1995)
    Engineering Manager, 
    Wells Fargo, Murray, KY