Bereavement Leave

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Murray State University
EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2022
REVISED FROM: May 12, 1997


Bereavement leave will be granted due to:

1.   Death of immediate family member, foster child, grandparents, grandchildren or *other qualifying adult (immediate family member includes spouse, child, or step-child, parent or step-parent, siblings or step-siblings, or in-laws). 

a.  Paid bereavement leave may not exceed three (3) working days.

b.  Leave with pay may be extended if extensive travel is involved. The total time off with pay cannot exceed five (5) working days.


2.  Death of a close relative or close relative of a spouse (aunts, uncles, nieces or nephews).

a.  Paid bereavement leave may not exceed two (2) working days.

b.   An employee who is solely involved in handling burial responsibilities will follow "Death of immediate family member" above.


3.  Death of other relatives, associates, close friends or retired MSU employees. 

a.  Paid bereavement leave may not exceed one-half (1/2) working day.

b.  Time off shall be charged to accrued vacation or leave without pay.

*Other qualifying adult is defined as a person who:

·         Shares a primary residence with a regular full time or part time employee, and has lived with the employee at least twelve months prior

·         Is age 18 or older

·         Is not a relative

·         Is not legally married and;

·         With whom the employee is financially interdependent for the prior 12 months or longer. 



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