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Campus Sustainability

For more than ninety years, Murray State University has served as a center for quality education and research, helping students to become responsible, productive members of society and finding innovative solutions to contemporary environmental and social problems.

Our planet and our communities are facing a difficult collective challenge in the years to come. Growth and development continue to change the world we live in, impacting global climate, decreasing species diversity, compromising our quality of life, and diminishing the natural resources necessary for the survival of all species. At MSU, we are reaching beyond our classrooms and laboratories to involve students, faculty, staff, community members and other institutions in our efforts to address environmental concerns.  Academic programs across a variety of disciplines enrich the educational experience by providing students with a forward-thinking, problem-solving experience.

Our dedicated staff and administrators also are committed to finding resourceful ways of making the switch to a more sustainable campus. Our employee community has made major strides in reducing campus energy consumption, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, greening our dining services, and enhancing our Sustainable Transportation programs. Sustainable practices have been incorporated into all sectors of campus operations, and our faculty is conducting research in fields such as climate change, renewable energy, conservation and sustainability. Furthermore, our environmental student groups are putting these ideas into practice as well as leading the way in informing the campus community about environmental issues.

We encourage you to explore this website and learn about Murray State’s commitment to environmental stewardship and our sustainable history. By harnessing the immense physical and intellectual resources at our disposal, we are participating in sustaining the world's natural wealth and beauty for future generations.

The easiest way to get involved and make the switch to a more sustainable campus is to  print out (on recycled paper, of course) either the Student Sustainability Checklist or Office Sustainability Checklist and help fellow students, faculty, and staff switch to more sustainable practices.

President's Commission on Campus Sustainability

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