Meet International Students at Murray State University

Hyo-An Park - South Korea  Korean Flag

Fourth Year - Bachelor's in Music

"When I first came to the United States, my English was not so good. Being in the English Program at Murray State University  greatly helped me to improve my English. Now I'm a Music Performance major and I play the piano in the orchestra. Studying at here is great because you can be a part of the American Culture and become friends with very nice people." 

Moussa Aldhafer - Saudi Arabia  United Kingdom

Third Year - Bachelor's in Occupational Safety and Health

"I like Murray State University because the people here are very friendly and the campus is really safe. My best advice for future students is to get to know people on campus because it will help you to learn English. Also, the English as a Second Language program allowed me to improve my English before I started my bachelor's degree." 

Kohei Miyazaki - Japan  United Kingdom

Fourth Year - Bachelor's in Economics

"I like the atmosphere on campus -- it's very friendly and the professors are willing help their students. There are students from many countries at Murray State University. I usually study on campus -- either in the library or in one of the study rooms in the Business Building. When I have free time, I cook Japanese food and go to the gym." 

Racheal Foxley - Manchester, England United Kingdom

Fourth Year - Bachelor's in Psychology

"The best part of about being a student at Murray State is how close everyone is with each other on campus. It feels like you are part of a large family. The faculty and staff here are amazing. My professors in the Psychology Department are excellent and they have inspired me to study other areas of psychology that I had not been exposed to. I plan to go on to graduate school and then I plan to be a sports psychologist or a soccer coach." 

Bassel Alhashemi - Aleppo, Syria SyrianFlag

Fourth Year - Bachelor's in Biology / Pre-Medicine

"The professors are very helpful here and they have office hours so that you can visit them for additional help. There are a lot of study groups and it helps to study with your classmates. The Writing Center is also a great resource for international students. I normally study in the library and I like the fact that there is a quiet zone that allows me to give extra focus to my work. The best thing about studying at a university in America is the diversity of the students who I study with." 

Perez Nwobu - Abuja, Nigeria  Nigerian Flag

Second Year - Bachelor's in Business Administration

"I am pursuing a business degree with entrepreneurship because I want to run my own business when I graduate. The best thing about Murray is how welcoming it is and the hospitality. The city of Murray is calm and it is very easy to socialize with others as an international student. Eating in the cafeteria on campus is convenient and you can always eat as much as you want. I am involved with the African Student Organization, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, and am also playing on a soccer team for my residential college. " 

 Aydan Aslanova - Baku, Azerbaijan AzerbaijanFlag

Second Year - Bachelor's in International Business

"The dorm life (residential college life) at Murray State is very friendly and it makes you feel at home. It's like having a home away from home. The biggest challenge as a new student is time management - you need to choose your priorities since there are so many activities and you also need to focus on your studies. The international student orientation for new students is very helpful in adjusting to life on campus.  " 

 My Nguyen - Hanoi, Vietnam VietnamFlag

First Year - Master of Business Administration

"I have been at Murray State University for four years working on my bachelor's degree. Now, I will begin studying the Master of Business Administration degree. I chose to stay at Murray State because it has a great accounting program. Also, the professors are super helpful and they work with students to place them in internship positions.  " 

 Anna Vasquez - Orange Walk, Belize  Belizean Flag

Second Year  - Bachelor's in Wildlife and Conservation Biology

"Having the ability to specialize in Wildlife Biology is something that will help me to get a job. After I graduate from Murray State University I plan to go back to Belize and work for an organization that protects the wildlife and natural resources. I enjoy studying at Murray State University because I have a close group of friends that keep me from getting homesick."