Opening for Graduate Assistantship Positions

Graduate students that meet the minimum requirements and are interested in applying for a graduate assistantship should follow the proper steps to completing an application:

  1. Contact your academic department for any openings
  2. View published openings of graduate assistantships listed below and contact the office directly if interested

The ideal time to apply for graduate assistantships is May-June for Fall and November for Spring. Offices must have assistantship positions filled by August 1 for the Fall semester. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Current Openings

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Directing Consultant — Racer Oral Communication Center

 The Directing Consultant’s (graduate student) responsibilities include creating the semester
work schedule and updating the Comm Center hours accordingly, logging the semester and
yearly budget, logging the consultants’ work hours, maintaining communication with the
director, overseeing the consultants and their consultations, providing tutoring and coaching
services to the students, faculty and staff of Murray State University, and logging the number of
consultations and contacts per semester. The Directing Consultant’s main duties are
administrative and he or she serves as the liaison between the Director and the consultants.

This is a graduate assistantship position for one year. This may be extended for another
semester or year upon continued satisfactory performance of duties and training.

Specific Duties:

  • Provide assistance and feedback for students, faculty and staff with presentation skills
  • Assist with the activities necessary for the efficient operation of the Racer Oral
    Communication Center
  • Help develop and lead workshops for current students
  • Assist in developing training materials
  • Assist with advertising and promotion of the Communication Center on the Murray
    State campus
  • Other duties as deemed necessary by the Directing Consultant and/or the Director of
    the Racer Oral Communication Center


The Consultant will possess:

  • Strong written, oral and presentation skills
  • Ability to coach and give feedback
  • Ability to work well with others, both one-on- one and as a team member


  • Be a Murray State University student in good standing
  • Have completed COM 161 with a grade of B
  • Have three letters of recommendation which describe presentation skills
  • Give a formal presentation (3 to 5 minutes) demonstrating presentation skill during the interview process

 Application Form

“Murray State University is an equal education and employment opportunity M/F/D, AA employer”