A message from Dr. Davies, Murray State University President

Dr. Bob Davies

We have an opportunity at Murray State University to impact the future by developing an engaging and transformative strategic plan. Faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members have an opportunity to create a road map for Murray State’s continued future success. Communication of ideas, questions and solutions is the key! 

The goal is to advance a vision that Murray State University is the “University of Choice.” All have a tremendous role to play in communicating the needs of this university and to work with all parties to further our outstanding reputation as the “University of Choice” for the region, nation and global community. Through the initiatives of advancing a culture of Academic Excellence, promoting a dynamic and diverse university community committed to Student Success, fostering an environment of inquiry by advancing Research and Scholarly Activities, and improving the quality of life for our communities through Engagement, the potential to change the landscape of Murray State University for future generations is before us.

Murray State is a remarkable university with inquisitive students and dedicated faculty and staff. But as Will Rogers stated, “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” Together, we can envision an even greater university and work to then develop the mechanisms that will channel that greatness into reality. With Provost Jay Morgan’s foresight to investigate academic principles in FY14, the Murray State: 100 academic plan crafts targeted objectives that lend themselves to implementation within the initiatives of the Strategic Plan. Yet, there is much more to be done, discussed and vetted. Here are four suggested key questions to help focus our thoughts as follows:

  • What differentiates Murray State from its competitors?
  • What is the perceived and real value of the differentiation?
  • What are the economic costs/benefits of the differentiation?
  • How do we ensure that differentiation is maintained and sustained?

The university encompasses talented, critical-thinking analysts and innovative problem-solvers. Within our shared governance constituency groups, departments, colleges and units, in collaboration with the strategic initiatives team members, this is Murray State’s time and opportunity to truly shine. We are about to embark on a journey that emboldens us to dream and work to reach and grasp the three stars on Murray State’s historic shield: Achievement, Endeavor and Hope.

Go Racers!!

Dr. Bob Davies
Office of the President