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Suggesting New Resources

The library welcomes student suggestions for materials.  Before we list options for doing that, here is a little information on how things are purchased.

  • Most students do not realize that the library’s circulating materials (books, media) are purchased by faculty, not by librarians.
  • The library’s budget for “one-time” purchases, like books and DVDs, is divided up by formula among the various departments on campus.
  • Each department has a person that makes orders, using that money, for the faculty in their department.
  • Orders are made from the departments using a Google spreadsheet system.  Subject Librarians make suggestions on these spreadsheets for faculty in each department to review.

Suggestions for You:

  • Talk to your teachers.  They may not realize that materials are needed for this assignment.  Remind them that they have a person in the department that makes orders, and that they can suggest the items to them.
  • If you are active in a professional student group on campus, ask your department’s contact for the library to meet with you as a group to discuss needs at the library.  Your faculty adviser may be able to arrange this.
  • Email us.  Use the library’s reference email system to suggest items to subject librarians.  They will, in turn, pass the suggestion on to the departments through the Google spreadsheet system.  Email
  • Email your subject librarian directly or speak with them in person with suggestions for purchase.


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