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Library Instruction Policies

Instruction is one of the primary missions of the library.  This can take the form of direct one-on-one assistance to an individual faculty member or student, presentations for specific courses as requested by discipline faculty, or teaching the for-credit LOR 101 course.

Reference Librarians welcome the opportunity to teach, and will make every effort to support the classroom experience through any venue appropriate, and at any location needed.

Recommendation:  When requesting a librarian for your classroom, it is preferred that one week’s notice be given for instructional sessions, especially those at extended campuses.

Contact and content information follows:


Librarians welcome the opportunity to help your students.  In today’s electronic world, the best way to reach them initially is in your physical classroom or on your Blackboard course.

An introductory presentation on both library and web-based resources gives your students a jump-start.  It keeps them abreast of the latest in your discipline.   And it provides them with a personal librarian for theduration of their university experience.

  • In-person, in your classroom or at the library
  • Via Eluminate or I-TV
  • In-person or electronically at your extended campus classroom
  • Beginning Assistance
    • Freshmen or introductory courses
    • General library and web-based resources
    • Basic research skills
    • Plagiarism concerns
  • Subject-Specific Instruction
    • Majors or graduate students in a particular discipline
    • Tailored to fit specific course needs
    • Both library and web-based resources
    • More sophisticated search strategies and resources
  • Assignment-Based Instruction (most common request)
    • Any student, any course
    • Focuses on research tools appropriate for a specific assignment
    • Both library and web-based resources
  • Special Collections? Call (270) 809-6152
  • James O. Overby Law Library? Call (270) 809-6758.


Contact your Subject Librarian directly for ideas on how to incorporate a librarian’s virtual presence throughout the research process.


Keeping up with changes in information retrieval can be daunting, even in your own discipline.  Contact your Subject Librarian directly for personal help with library resources in your area, or for faculty group sessions in your department.


Librarians will provide instructors with an evaluation form at the session time.  If you prefer, an online evaluation form may be used.

LOR 101, Research in the Information Age

3 CREDIT HOUR, FULL SEMESTER UNDERGRADUATE COURSE. Approved as a University Studies elective.

Catalog Description:

A course designed to explore the phenomena, activities, and issues surrounding the development, gathering, organization, and use of information and resources in a global community. Designed to acquaint students with best practices in information-seeking behavior for various situational, civic, and scholarly purposes, with specific attention given to the ethics of using and creating information.

For a current schedule, see the MyGate Class Schedule.


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