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Find a Journal

  - Finding Articles from Citations Using Illiad to ReqeustMaterials

This page helps you discover where a specific journal is kept so you can browse full issues, or allow you to locate specific articles if you already have citations. 

[If you need to search for any available articles on a topic, see the section on the home page under “Help” on How to – Find a Journal Article.]

The application that locates full issues of journals is called “Find E-Journal. “Find E-Journal is something of a misnomer, since this service will also find print journal locations in the MSU Libraries.  It can be also be accessed on the home page under “Find” on Journal Availability.
Here is a description of its various sections:

By Journal Title:

  • Type the title in the box.  Note that you can search by exact title (if you are sure) or by looking for every title that contains your search terms.
  • When the list pops up, click on the title to discover where the issues are located.
  • If available electronically, a link will appear under this heading – “Open electronic copy of the item”
  • Click there, choose a year and issue.
  • The issue link will provide a list of citations that represents the complete issue chosen. 
  • Browse and read
  • If available in print, a link to RacerTrac will appear under this heading – “Locate print items at the library”
  • While the years available are listed in the pop-up window, a complete list of issues available and their location can be seen by clicking on the RacerTrac link.
  • Come into the library to browse the print journal
  • If you are unable to find the journal title for which you are searching, you may still get access to the article via Interlibrary Loan
  • If you need assistance, please contact your subject librarian.

By Journal Category:
Click on this tab and you can browse a full list of electronic journals in a specific discipline.

This tab helps you discover what electronic journals we receive by vendor and discipline.  For example, it answers questions like -- how many Elsevier e-journals do we have for Chemistry?

Citation Linker:           
If you have ever used  to locate an article, this is essentially the do-it-yourself  .  Fill in all the information you know about a specific article.  Click search to see if we have access to that article electronically.  Please note: if the article is available in print, this service will not tell you that!  It locates only electronic copies.


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