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Distance Education / Extended Campus

  - Using RacerTrac Using Illiad to ReqeustMaterials
  - Using WorldCat as Distance Students Using Illiad to ReqeustMaterials
  - Database Basics for Distance Students Using Illiad to ReqeustMaterials
  - Using Find it @ MSU Button for Distance Students Using Illiad to ReqeustMaterials

The Murray State University Libraries believe that each student should receive -- as best as possible -- equal research assistance, regardless of his/her physical location.  Students at extended campuses or in online only courses may be located at a considerable distance, and driving to Murray for research is problematic. 

To help with this dilemma, students using distance education venues can request materials (1) from other libraries and (2) from the Murray main campus library using ILLiad, the library’s interlibrary loan service.

A streamed tutorial on services to distance education can be found here.

Services include:

  1. Subject specialist librarians -- for assignment assistance.
  2. Librarians to visit your classroom in person, or virtually
  3. Library Guides pages that best represent your course.
  4. Ability to request the materials you need directly from the library’s databases.
  5. Retrieve requested materials electronically from your ILLiad account (PDFs) or at the extended campus office (hard copy)

Who can use this service: All students enrolled in MSU extended campus programs of the Center for Continuing Education and Academic Outreach (CE/AO) or in other distance education venues through MSU.

  • What to do first:  Register for Interlibrary Loan [ILLiad] services.
    1. Click on the ILLiad link  found on any Library Guides page, or under Interlibrary Loan on the Library’s home page
    2. Choose the “first time users” link
    4. Strongly recommended – include a note with each request that reminds the ILLiad office of your location
  • How to Request Materials
    1. Use the Find it at MSU service, found on any library database, including WorldCat & ThoroSearch, if you are doing a search for journals, books or other materials by topic 
    2. Complete the blank request forms available by logging into ILLiad directly.  You would use a blank form if you already know what you want.
  • What Happens after a Request is Made:
    • Materials housed at MSU Libraries' Murray campus
      • Hard copy (books, media, and any printed articles) will be sent to the campus office for pick-up – and later return
      • Any photocopied materials will be billed at $0.10 per page.
      • Electronically sent materials (articles in PDF format) can be retrieved by logging into the student’s individual ILLiad account
    • Materials NOT housed at the MSU Libraries' Murray campus.
      • Will be sent the same way!

Contact Information:

ILLiad office phone: (270)809-4298
ILLiad office email:
ILLiad office hours:  8:00-4:30 Monday-Friday
Other days? Contact (270)809-2053

Other Help:

A streamed tutorial on Interlibrary Loan can be found here.
A streamed tutorial on Find it at MSU can be found here.


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