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Student development and employment

Many potential work experiences are offered in the Campus Recreation Office. To qualify for a graduate assistantship, students must be admitted to graduate school prior to being hired. Both students and graduate assistants must carry the minimum credit hours established by the Financial Aid Office and the graduate school.


Most student workers are paid minimum wage per hour and receive checks bi-weekly. Graduate assistants are paid a monthly stipend established by the university. Some examples of the jobs available are as follows:


Student Supervisors

Student Supervisors supervise all Campus Recreation events and attend weekly staff meetings. Preferences include at least one semester of participation at MSU and officiating experience.



Officials officiate events. Previous experience is a benefit, but not required. Pay increases with experience. The Campus Recreation Office at Murray State University offers a wide variety of recreation. Professionally staffed and committed to serving our university population, the office makes every effort to provide “real world” experiences to its employees.