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March 2012
Commuting Around the Eggner's Ferry Bridge
Staff Performance Appraisals Due April 2
Shorter Wait For New Faculty & Staff Benefits
Employment Advertising Change
Jackson Purchase Medical Associates Leaves Anthem's Network
Spring 2012 Health Fair: Thursday, March 15th
Where to Learn More About MSU's Wellness Plan
Financial Well-being and Retirement Fair April 23-25
Tip of the Month
Pay for Person in an Interim Position
Monthly Temporaries Prohibited After June 30
LWOP and Policies
Handling Private Info
Slightly Revised PA
Excel Test is Available for Job Applicants
Serving you in HR

Commuting Around the Eggner's Ferry Bridge

Is your travel from home to work affected by the Eggner's Ferry Bridge collapse?

A meetings will be held on Tuesday, March 13 at 11:30 in the Freed-Curd Auditorium in the Industry & Technology Center to discuss car-pooling or other mutually beneficial options.  HR staff will lead the discussion.  Please join us for either of these meetings.  If you’d like to be included in email updates following the meetings, please send your request to

Staff Performance Appraisals Due April 2
Appraisal forms and instructions are available on the HR forms page in the Performance Appraisal section and at the links below.  They may be completed online and saved electronically.

The evaluation period is March 1, 2011 to February 29, 2012 for most staff.
Please send signed originals to HR via campus mail or deliver in-person to HR on the 4th floor of Sparks Hall.  These forms are to be received in HR by 4:30 PM, Monday, April 2, 2012.
Questions about performance appraisals may be addressed to Employment Specialist Haley Millwood (ext. 3094) and MSU’s new Manager of Employment, Employee Relations, & Compensation Amy Adams (ext. 2156) in HR.

Shorter Wait For New Faculty & Staff Benefits
On February 1, the waiting period for benefits was changed to the first of the month following 28 days of employment instead of the first of the month following 30 days of employment.  This applies to all newly hired faculty and staff.  This changes the start time for life, medical, dental, & vision insurance and the FSA & HSA accounts.  The intent is to provide benefits on the first of the next month for new faculty and staff that start on the first day of any month, including February.

Employment Advertising Change
Effective March 15, employment advertising for some vacant jobs will be facilitated by the Greystone Group, a recruitment advertising agency for higher education.  For select offices and departments, ads will be composed by an HR Specialist, proofed by hiring supervisors, and then sent to Greystone, who will prepare graphics and work with websites, journals, and newspapers of our choice.  All of this will likely reduce costs, consolidate our ad placements, and improve the quality of our ads.  Liz Hinton will coordinate these ads for exempt vacancies and Kayla Johnson will handle non-exempt vacancy ads.  If you have questions, contact Liz, Kayla, or Amy Adams.

Jackson Purchase Medical Associates Leaves Anthem's Network
Jackson Purchase Medical Associates, a physicians’ association located in Paducah, is no longer in Anthem’s network effective Jan. 1, 2012.  This physicians’ association has approximately 26-28 physicians with many patients, some of whom may be MSU health plan participants. If in doubt whether your physician is an in-network provider, please confirm with the doctor’s office before scheduling an appointment.

Spring 2012 Health Fair: Thursday, March 15th
7:30am - 12:30pm, Curris Center Ballroom (3rd level)
Note location change from previous health fairs.

Pre-registration for the Health Fair pre-draws are occurring now at h Click on the date/time that you want to register for and fill in the appropriate information. Please remember that you will need to fast for 12 hours prior to your blood draw. The pre-draw will screen for total cholesterol and blood glucose.

Where to Learn More About MSU's Wellness Plan
To get updates on the Wellness program please go to our website and fill in your email address to be put on our distribution list.  Also checkout the Wellness Facebook page at Murray State University Healthy Life.

Financial Well-being and Retirement Fair April 23-25
Coming in April, meet vendors and hear short 1-hour presentations regarding budgeting, financial planning, estate planning, and retirement.  Representatives from KERS, KTRS, VALIC, TIAA-CREF, the Social Security Administration, and others will be in the hallway area in the 3rd floor of Curris Center.  Some vendors will provide lunch during their presentations.  Details will be announced soon.

Advertising ideas from Inside Higher Ed, one of the nation’s largest recruiting websites in higher ed

A job posting is a letter to the person you want to hire. Grab attention with a strong statement about why a great candidate should be interested.  It's easy!

1)  Start by selling the job

  • a compelling title
  • why your great hire wants the job

2)    Use candidate-focused language:

  • “To succeed in this role, you’ll need…” not “Qualifications:”
  • “You’ll have the opportunity to…” not “Responsibilities:”
  • “If this sounds like the job for you…” not “Application Procedures:”
3)    Show a little personality – your model should be online dating, not online tax filing.

Pay For Persons In an Interim Position
Interim positions normally result in a 10% pay increase premium during the term of the interim assignment.  See these and other pay and leave issues addressed in our Pay and Leave Frequently Asked Questions listed on the web.

Monthly Temporaries Prohibited After June 30
The option to employ a person as a temporary employee paid on a monthly basis is no longer available.  All monthly-paid temps must end employment by June 30, 2011.  Temporaries will only be employed on an hourly basis.  This will prevent temporary employees from receiving holiday, vacation, and other leaves that are addressed in Policy II B – Staff Status.  Please contact Kayla Johnson (ext. 2147) if you have questions.

LWOP and Policies
All leave must be covered by a policy such as vacation or sick leave.  Leave Without Pay (LWOP), when it is used, must be covered by a policy such as Family Medical Leave.  HR staff have composed a Frequently Asked Questions list to help explain.

Handling Private Info
Private information such as health status, social security numbers, drivers license data, or other personal information should not be included with Personnel Action forms.  Please send it directly to HR staff.

Slightly Revised PA
The list of race options and some minor changes were made to the PA form, which is now marked with a Feb., 2012 revision date.  Please do not use the old form.  See the new form here.

Excel Testing is Available for Job Applicants
Just like the typing test that requires a minimum net score of 25 words per minute, a test for Excel skills is available for jobs that require these skills.
Contact Kayla Johnson, Liz Hinton, or Amy Adams if you have questions.

Serving you in HR

See the entire HR staff with photos online.


Mary Mays
Benefits Manager

Allison Graham
Asst. Benefits Manager

Marcie Clark
Benefits Specialist


Amy Adams
Mgr Emp, ER & Comp

Haley Millwood
Employment Spec- PA’s & NonEx Hiring

Kayla Johnson
Employment Spec- Non-exempt Hiring

Liz Hinton
Employment Spec-Exempt Hiring

Nancy Clendenin
Admin Asst I

Banner & Workers Comp

Lisa Dick
HRIS Coordinator

Katie Rogers
HRIS & Records Spec


Lauren Smee
Wellness Coordinator

General HR Questions

Lacey Baker
Admin Asst II

Tom Hoffacker
Director of HR

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