Diversity Scholars Program

Diversity Scholars Program

Students are required to meet the requirements for receiving the scholarship set forth by the Scholarship Office.

Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA)

The Office of Multicultural Affairs provides resources, academic support, programming, and leadership opportunities. In addition, the office assists the University in providing a forum to help all persons on campus, and in the greater Murray community, better understand issues of diversity and inclusion. The Center has a resource library, comfortable seating, study areas, and computer resources.

The Diversity Scholars Program a part of the Office of Multicultural Affairs is located in the Dr. Marvin D. Mills, Sr., Multicultural Center, Curris Center Room 110B. The Office of Multicultural Affairs is a place on campus where students can find a community that focuses on the support of African American students and the African experience. The Office serves as a place for students to meet, study, and reflect.


The Diversity Scholars Program is responsible for the development and implementation of programs, activities, and procedures designed to enhance the academic success, retention, and personal development of Marvin D. Mills and Diversity Scholars. The Diversity Scholars Program embodies a commitment to diversity as expressed through abilities, age, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and socioeconomic differences.

Contact the Office of Multicultural Affairs at 270-809-6836 or via email at msu.oma@murraystate.edu for more information.