Move-In Information

Move-in Day

The Murray State University Police Department would like to express how much we are looking forward to the semester and to the arrival of all new and returning students. We want the process to be as smooth as possible for everyone.  The directions below will be the best guide for bringing you to your residence hall for unloading your vehicles. Google Maps and other GPS mapping programs will not provide you with the best directions as some streets will be blocked or turned into one-way for the move-in event.
Please remember that the goal is to have you pull close to your residential college building, unload your belongings, and move your vehicle to long-term parking as quickly as possible. Fellow Racers will be there to assist you in unloading and taking your items to your room. A Murray State University shuttle bus will bring your vehicle’s driver from the long-term parking lot back to your building (they run every 10 minutes).  Long-term parking is in the large parking lot behind the Roy Stewart Football Stadium and signs will be available pointing the way.
White and Regents Colleges

 Enter campus from either Chestnut Street or Payne Street. Unloading will be available in front of the residential colleges or from the parking lot next to the tennis courts. Long-term parking is available in the same parking lot by the tennis courts or by Roy Stewart Stadium.

All other Residential Colleges

All vehicles coming from the North, South, and East should enter campus on Chestnut Street from North 12th Street (Hwy. 641). From Chestnut Street, turn right onto Waldrop Drive and officers will be there to guide you to your residential college via the Residential Circle loop. Vehicles traveling east on chestnut street will not be allowed to turn left onto Waldrop Drive.

All vehicles coming from the West on Highway 121 may either drive to 12th Street and follow the directions above or turn right onto 16th Street from Hwy. 121 and turn left on Shroat Street just past the recreational field. If you drive past Shroat to Chestnut Street, you will not be allowed to turn left onto Waldrop. Officers will be at the intersection of Waldrop Drive and Shroat Street to guide you to your residential college.

Road Closures: Left turns will be prohibited from Chestnut onto Waldrop. Waldrop Drive will be closed between Lee Clark College and Valentine Street. The Residential Circle Loop will be one-way from Waldrop to 15th Street. Please watch for the signs.

If you have any questions the day of the event, do not hesitate to ask one of the officers, contact us using the LiveSafe app, or call us at (270) 809-2222.  We look forward to a wonderful day and a fulfilling semester!

Campus map of move in traffic.