Governor's Minority Student College Prep Program

The Governor's Minority Student College Preparation Program was established in 1988 to address the under-representation of minority students in postsecondary education.  The GMSCPP offers academic enrichment activities to minority students in grades 6-8 in McCracken, Calloway, and Graves counties to encourage them to enroll in rigorous courses while in middle and high school to enable them to prepare for college-level coursework.  Now in its 20th year, the program has served hundreds of students across our area.  

Participants, who are recommended by their guidance counselor, will attend workshops and seminars designed to create greater awareness of the college experience and to heighten desire to attain a college degree. 

Academic enrichment activities will be held monthly and will include efforts in English, writing and mathematics on weekends; workshops on values identification, career day and career orientation; pre-college curriculum and standardized testing; and workshops on television production and communication-journalism. Students will also have the opportunity to relate to role models and visit actual college classes in progress. The program will include cultural enrichment activities and a week-long residential summer enrichment session. Students will also have the opportunity to attend the annual GMSCPP conference, held at various colleges around the Commonwealth. 
For further information about the Governor's Minority Student College Preparation Program, please contact Mr. Mike Young, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Coordinator of GMSCPP at (270) 809-6833, or by email,