Defining our Vision of being Student-Centered


Student-Centered Defined:

Student-Centered focus creates a culture primarily on the success of the student as an individual. This requires the University to create and implement strategies that seamlessly cross all divisions, units and colleges of the University for a superior educational experience for the student. This includes developing educational initiatives and learning experiences, providing academic and student support services and fostering co-curricular programs that are intended to address the unique and specific needs of our students based on their learning and social requirements, goals and aspirations and their cultural backgrounds. As a result, an expectation of high achievement and a commitment to excellence is obtained.

Student-Centered in Action:

At Murray State, we put our definition of Student-Centered into action by committing to have students and their success be our primary focus. This includes creating an exceptional undergraduate and graduate experience based on the highest standards of academic quality and optimal services that lead to the success of the student. As such, students and their success drives our decision making-processes. All of our programs will meet the high standards of rigor, relevance and excellence and be measured in the overall value they provide our students.

Student-Centered as a Shared Value:

To be the best student-centered university, we must acknowledge that this is a shared value and the responsibility of all members of the Murray State community.


To be Student-Centered, Students must:

  • Commit to performing at their peak academically AND assisting other students to perform at their peak;
  • Establish realistic goals for their learning, career and social/civic goals;
  • Make decisions, and take responsibility for those decisions, that are informed and based on reality and facts;
  • Take personal responsibility for their actions;
  • Engage in all aspects of the University including co-curricular programs, events and activities;
  • Be proactive in meeting and interacting with individuals who “are not like them” and who represent the diverse and global community;
  • Meet with faculty, staff and other students to gain new understandings, develop leadership skills, address problems and create life-long friendships; and,
  • Commit to being an active member of society and always representing the values of Murray State. To be Student-Centered, Faculty, Staff and Administrators must:
  • Establish high expectations and a culture of excellence by challenging our students to aim high in their academic pursuits, career and livelihood goals, and to always be civic minded;
  • Commit to afford opportunities to students which may lead to their own personal success;
  • Always strive for excellence in teaching and learning;
  • Guarantee our academic programs and requirements are rigorous and relevant;
  • Ensure the safety and the protection of our students to the best of our abilities at all times;
  • Communicate clearly the expectations of the student in all situations;
  • Understand that all students are individuals and therefore actively seek student feedback on your communication and pedagogical skills for continual improvement and to address multiple learning styles inside and outside the classroom;
  • Assist students in overcoming the challenges they face that affect and limit their learning and potential for success;
  • Provide honest and appropriate critiques to our students; and
  • Make decisions that serve students best interests.

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