Facilities Management


Building and Equipment Maintenance Division

The Building and Equipment Maintenance Division of the Department for Facilities Management conducts a University-wide program on a continuing basis to identify and perform necessary maintenance on buildings and facilities. Building and Equipment employees are trained in most principal trades required for maintenance, repair, construction, and renovation services including: building trades, electrical, elevator, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems, painting, and plumbing.

Building Services Division

The Building Services Divisions of the Department for Facilities Management maintains an environment conducive for learning in the educational and general buildings and residential college areas on the main campus. A program of custodial care is provided to each building based on need and funding available.


Facilities Design and Construction Division

The primary task of the Facilities Design and Construction Division of the Department for Facilities Management is to assist and support the operations of the Chief Facilities Officer and Director for Facilities Design and Construction for implementation of architectural renovations and additions, infrastructure repairs and modifications, new construction , planning, design, cost analysis and feasibility studies for projects, and construction management on all renovation and new construction projects. Facilities Design and Construction is responsible for administering construction projects which have been authorized and approved by the Council on Higher Education, the General Assembly and the University Administration.


Facilities Finance and Administration Division 

The Facilities Finance and Administration Division of the Department for Facilities Management is comprised of skilled staff who provide essential internal services such as budget development and financial reporting; handling personnel and labor issues; and receive, transport, ship, maintain and issuance of warehouse material and equipment to each of the divisions in the Department for Facilities Management.

Grounds Maintenance and Heavy Equipment Divisions

The Grounds Division of the Department for Facilities Management provides a planned program of grounds care on the main campus for the educational, general and residential college areas. This program includes turf maintenance; care of shrubs, plantings, and trees; trash/solid waste pickup; road and walk cleaning and maintenance; snow and ice removal; special event preparation; and moving support.

Property and Debt Management Division

The Property and Debt Management Division (PDM) is responsible for management of real property including acquisitions, sale, exchange, and disposal as well as the leasing of university-owned property (except student housing) out to others. The PDM also assists the Administration in reviewing debt transactions. 

Transportation Services Division  

The Transportation Services Division of the Department for Facilities Management maintains 175 plus cars and trucks, 300 plus pieces of equipment and 48 emergency generating plants. The division maintains a full-service 24-hour wrecker and retrieval service; an in-depth accident investigation service; maintains records; makes settlements with those involved in accidents and with the insurance companies.