Transportation Services

Telephone Numbers

Reservations and Information (270) 809-4770

Report accidents and breakdowns (270) 809-4770

After hours please call:

  • Jerry O'Bryan Cell (270) 293-0794
  • If no answer (270) 809-2222

Motor Pool contact telephone numbers are also listed on each trip ticket and in the Guidelines and Procedures booklet located in each vehicle.


Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Breakdowns and Repairs

Call and advise Transportation Services personnel of a breakdown and, to the greatest extent possible, the nature of the problem. (The motor pool telephone numbers are listed in the Guidelines and Procedures booklet in each vehicle).

Do not have the vehicle towed unless it presents a hazard to or restricts the flow of traffic, or unless authorized by the assistant director of transportation. Do not have the vehicle repaired unless authorized by the assistant director of transportation.

Gasoline should be obtained at Transportation Services, whenever possible. A University Mastercard gasoline credit card is provided in the glove box of all passenger vehicles and is to be used for the assigned vehicle only. The Mastercard may be used at any station accepting Mastercard. It is the operator's responsibility to use self-service pumps when available. Operators shall only use self-service pumps when refueling university equipment, additionally the use of non premium fuel is required.


Accidents will normally fall under one of two categories: minor accidents occurring on or off a public thoroughfare where total damage to all vehicles involved is less than $500 and no other property damage or bodily injury occurred; and major accidents involving damage to vehicles over $500 and/or other property damage or bodily injury. Follow the minor accident procedures if the cause of damage is unknown or if the damage is extremely light. In all other instances, follow the major accident procedures. Each vehicle has an accident summary package in the glove box. Operators are required to complete the forms in the event of an accident.

Major Accident Procedures

  • Give aid to injured persons
  • Notify law enforcement authorities
  • Notify Murray State Transportation Services
  • Provide law enforcement authorities with all information requested
  • Decline giving or making statements to persons other than law enforcement authorities
  • Request that the investigating police officer obtain a statement from the other party or parties involved
  • Record the license plate numbers of witnesses, if possible
  • A card showing Murray State University's bodily injury and property damage liability insurance carrier, policy number and agent is provided in the glove box of each vehicle

Minor Accident Procedures

At the time of the accident, record the following to the greatest extent possible:

  • Notify law enforcement authorities
  • Notify Murray State Transportation Services
  • Date, time, and place of accident or damage
  • Road surface and condition
  • Weather and light conditions
  • Names and addresses of others involved
  • Names and addresses of any witnesses
  • License plate number of witness or first vehicle on the scene
  • Statements by witnesses
  • Insurance information of other party

Additional Accident Procedures

Do not have the vehicle towed without motor pool authorization unless it is a hazard to or is impeding the flow of other traffic. The account number listed on the trip authorization will be charged on a 'deductible' as follows for

repair costs:

  • Less than $500 damage--$100 or actual costs, whichever is less
  • More than $500 damage--$250

Employee Use of Vehicles

Murray State University personnel must be registered with Transportation Services and have their drivers license on file with the motor pool to be eligible to use University or rental vehicles. Prior to authorization all employees will have a current motor vehicle record check on file.

Student Use of Vehicles

The motor pool head must recommend that a student be authorized to use Murray State vehicles. The Request for Student Driver Authorization Packets are available from the motor pool. The packet contains a Guidelines and Procedures booklet, a Request for Student Driver Authorization form, and handouts covering van safety, seatbelt usage, and other information as required. Authorization for student use of vehicles must be renewed annually. All student operators will have a current motor vehicle record check on file. Any passenger car may be assigned to a student. To drive a van, students must be at least 21 years of age, and complete the van driver coaching program

Procurement, Assignment, and Replacement of Vehicles

Service vehicle assignments are evaluated by Transportation Services at least annually. Special needs and requests should be made well in advance of budget preparation to allow sufficient time for planning and accommodation. The assistant director of transportation may recall or reassign vehicles to promote the highest and best utilization of the total fleet.

General Regulations

  • Seat belts must be worn by the operator and all passengers when a vehicle is in operation.
  • Vehicles must be used exclusively in performance of activities directly related to the mission of Murray State University.
  • Operators must be employees of the University or authorized students.
  • Passengers must be employees, students, or guests of the University.
  • No vehicle may be modified or altered in any manner without the express consent of the assistant director of Transportation Services. This includes but is not limited to: Removing seating, affixing car-top carriers, altering wiring, installing radios or other electronic devices, attaching antennas or additional towing equipment, affixing signs, decals, and bumper stickers
  • Boats and canoes cannot be carried in or on a passenger vehicle.
  • Animals are not permitted in passenger vehicles.
  • Repetitive or willful violations of Transportation Services' guidelines and regulations may result in suspension of use privileges.
  • Comments and suggestions are encouraged and may be furnished either verbally or in writing to the Assistant Director of Transportation Services or the Director for Facilities Management.

History of Transportation Services

The Murray State University Transportation Services was organized as a separate department in 1969. At that time the department was responsible for light service work, fueling and clean up maintenance. In 1973, the department was restructured and a full service maintenance facility was organized which performed all vehicle, light and heavy, repair work as well as the light maintenance that had begun in 1969.

With the successful expansion from 1973, it was decided to expand further. In 1976, the motor pool took charge of all general use equipment such as tractors, road graders, lawn equipment and emergency generators (engine section). In 1998, the department became a division of the Department for Facilities Management.

The division maintains a 24-hour retrieval service; an in-depth accident investigation service; maintains records; makes recommendations for settlements with those involved in accidents and with the insurance companies. Transportation Services is located directly to the south of Stewart Stadium. The north gate is located on Gilbert Graves Drive and the south gate is located at the northern end of the Facilities Management Complex. Hours of operation for customer service are 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.