Chemical Spills

(Not Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health)

Follow the procedures listed below for spills involving chemicals that are definitively known to pose no immediate threat.

  1. Evacuate the rooms and close the door, but do not lock it.
  2. Immediately notify the building emergency coordinator and the Office of Environmental Safety and Health at 3480. If ESH does not answer, or if your call is after normal business hours, contact MSU Police at 911 to report the spill. Be prepared to give the following information:
    • Building name
    • Building location
    • Floor number
    • Room number
    • Type of spill
    • Chemical(s) involved
    • Estimated volume of chemical(s) involved
  3. If trained and familiar with the hazards, attempt to contain the spill as much as possible.
  4. Avoid direct physical contact with the spilled material. If contact is made, remove any contaminated clothing and flush area with water for 15 minutes. Use a safety shower, if one is available.
  5. The Office of Environmental Safety and Health will notify the appropriate response agencies and assist in the spill cleanup.

(Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health)

If a chemical spill occurs that is determined to pose an immediate threat to any building occupant, proceed as follows:

  1. Immediately notify all building occupants of the area in which the spill has occurred.
  2. Notify MSU Police at 911. If there is no answer, or if the line is busy, call 2222 to report the spill.
  3. Ensure the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) for the building is shut down. This may require a call to Facilities Management at 4291 or 4391.
  4. Vacate the immediate area of chemical emergency and report to the designated meeting area. If necessary, pull fire alarm to evacuate the building. Account for all building occupants at the designated meeting area.
  5. If direct physical contact is made with the spilled chemical, immediately remove all contaminated clothing. Flush any point of bodily contact with water for at least 15 minutes.
  6. Ensure that all those exposed to the spilled chemical obtain medical assistance.