Affidavit- sworn notarized legal statement


Disability Parking – Provided on MSU Campus per ADA requirements and signage posted as required by law.  A valid MSU disability permit is required and must be displayed when parked on campus in a disability marked space.  Additional information regarding Disability Parking may be acquired by contacting the MSU Parking Office at (270) 809-4812.  Use of flashers does not constitute legal parking. 

Faculty member- any full-time or part-time employee of Murray State University who holds academic rank and status (Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor). This does not include graduate assistants or student workers.

False registration- registration of a vehicle for someone else in your name to obtain a parking permit for which the other individual is not eligible for; use of a parking permit not issued to you; voluntarily selling, giving, etc your parking permit to someone else for their personal use; etc.


Fire Lane – Any roadway, walkway, driveway or pavement not specifically marked for parking.  All state laws governing movement, operation, and parking of vehicles shall apply on University property.  No vehicle parking is permitted at any time.  A licensed driver must remain with the vehicle standing in a fire lane.  Use of flashers does not constitute legal parking. 

Legal marked parking spaces- spaces designated by white lines on either side of the vehicle.


Loading Zone – A signed/striped area or dock reserved for loading/unloading of commercial or personal items.  MSU Loading Zone permit and a current valid MSU Parking Permit is required.  All loading/unloading areas are limited to 30 minute timed parking only.  Any vehicle parked over 30 minutes may receive a parking citation for Beyond Time Limit.  Use of flashers does not constitute legal parking. 

M/C- motorcycle parking zone includes motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds.


Moped- “A bicycle with a helper motor rated no more than two brake horse power, a cylinder capacity not exceeding fifty cubic centimeters, an automatic transmission not requiring clutching or shifting by the operator after the drive system is engaged, and capable of a maximum speed of not more than thirty miles per hour.”


Properly displayed- Permit must be in plain view on rearview mirror (unobstructed) at all times and visible to the ticket writer.


Restricted Parking –Restricted parking spaces and/or areas designated for specific purposes, like Reserved; Service Vehicles; Loading Zones; & Striped Areas (not including Fire Lane or Disability).   Use of flashers does not constitute legal parking. 

Staff member- any full-time or part-time employee of Murray State University who does not hold academic rank or status. This includes employees of other State agencies and employees of agencies contracted to provide services to the University. This does not include graduate assistants or student workers.

Student- anyone enrolled in Murray State University for the purpose of receiving instruction who is not also a faculty or staff member.

Vehicle ---The term vehicle includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, mopeds, motor scooters, and any other motor-propelled vehicle. This does not include ATV’s like 4 wheelers or golf carts.


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