List of Commission Reps


Wayne Harper*, Director, Grounds Maintenance

Dr. Scott Byrd, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science and Sociology

Dr. Paul Walker, Associate Professor, Humanities and Fine Arts

Dr. Mike Kemp, Professor, Science Engineering and Technology

Dr. Rett Weber, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

Dr. Claire Fuller, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Dr. Howard Whiteman, Professor/Director of the Watershed Studies Institute

Paula Amols, Director/Dining Services

Dr. Iin Handayani, Assistant Professor, Agricultural  Sciences

O. L. Robertson, Lecturer, Agricultural  Sciences

Mike Gowen, Lecturer, Wellness and Therapeutic Sciences and Building Manager/Carr Health

Dr. Theresa Saint Paul, Humanities and Fine Arts

Dr. Paul Lucko, Health Sciences and Human Services

Michael Dunnavant, Director for Building and Equipment Maintenance

MESS Student Representatives

Allison Crawford

Courtney Scoby

Dominic Maritt