MSU Facebook Policy

The official Murray State University Facebook page is open to everyone and welcomes questions, comments and all interaction within the guidelines listed below.  The word “post” covers anything posted to the Murray State University or other MSU administered pages including comments, photos, video and other interactions.

Murray State University social media administrators have the right to delete the following content:

Posts that overtly advertise a non-related product, service, event, book, etc.

Posts that attempt to redirect the message of a thread or contain aggressive behavior toward other users

Posts that are by nature harassing, derogatory, or otherwise harmful to any individual or group

Posts that are not in the spirit of the thread as determined by page administrators or violate Facebook Terms of Service

Posts that are considered by administrators to contain information that is illegal

Posts that appear to be made by a “spam” account, an account that is not a real individual or organization

In any of the above cases, Murray State University reserves the right to remove a user’s access to the official Murray State page and other MSU administered pages. 

Some posts may be marked “SPAM” automatically by Facebook.  We will try to monitor for these and mark them as “NOT SPAM” when possible but we recommend that you avoid doing any of the following things that Facebook automatically flags as spam:

  • Posts in all capital letters.
  • Posts containing nothing but an URL 
  • Numerous repetitive comments under one thread

If you have any questions about our pages or posts please contact:

Dana Howard

Social Media Marketing Manager, University Communications