Weekly Agenda

Senate Meeting Agenda for February 15, 2017



Old Business

New Business:

  • Senate Vacancy Confirmations
  • Proposed Tailgating Policy, Abigail French
  • Treasurer’s Report

Branch Reports:

  • Craig Lamb, Judicial Board Chief Justice
  • Carter Hearne, RCA President

Officer Reports:

  • Caitlin Dunaway, Vice President of Finance
  • Tori Wood, Vice President of Administration
  • Nathan W. Payne, Executive Vice President
  • Clinton Combs, President

Senate Chair Reports:

  • Coral Serrano, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Amanda Shoemake, Election Way & Means
  • Lucas Reed, Government Relations
  • Bailey Bohannan, Publications & Literature
  • VACANT, University Affairs
  • Lucas Reck, Webmaster

Committee Reports:


  • President’s Office
  • Don Robertson, Vice President of Student Affairs
  • Paula Amols, Director of Dining Services
  • Facilities Management Representative
  • Jeanie Morgan, Advisor to SGA & Student Organizations



  • Deadline to run for Executive or Senate positions: February 27, 2017 at noon
    • Must turn into the Office for Student Involvement
  • Anthony Ervin has been rescheduled for February 27th, 7 pm, Ballroom
  • Senate Openings: Education & Human Services (1), Regents (1), Richmond (1)
  • Senate Chair Openings: Chief of Staff & University Affairs

  • Judicial Board Openings: Alternate Associate Justice