Weekly Agenda

Senate Meeting Agenda for September 6, 2017



Old Business:

New Business:

  • College of Education & Human Services Senate Confirmation
  • School of Nursing Confirmation

Branch Reports:

  • Craig Lamb, Judicial Board Chief Justice
  • Becca Weyerbacher, RCA President

Officer Reports:

  • Rachel Barnett, Vice President of Finance
  • Bailey Bohannon, Vice President of Administration
  • Madison Jarrett, Executive Vice President
  • Tori Wood, President

Director Reports:

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Connor Moore, Election Way & Means
  • Caleb Brannon, Government Relations
  • Brianna Barnes, Public Relations
  • Austin Zinobile, University Affairs
  • Austin Gordon, Multimedia

Committee Reports



  • President’s Office
  • Don Robertson, Vice President of Student Affairs
  • Facilities Management Representative
  • Christian Barnes, Student Office Coordinator
  • Jeanie Morgan, Advisor to SGA & Student Organizations





  • Vacancies: Hutson School of Agriculture Senator (1), Hester College Senator (1), Richmond College Senator (1), White College Senator (1) (apply within R.C.), Director of Diversity and Inclusion (1), Chief of Staff (1), Publicity CAB Chair (2), Diversity CAB Chair (1), Alternate Associate Justice (3)

Retreat: September 9 at 1pm - Curris Center Small Ballroom