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The Student Government Association has four branches: Student Senate, Campus Activities Board, Judicial Board and the Residential College Association. Through these components of the Student Government Association, we can make Murray State University a great experience during our time here.

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SGA Constitution

SGA By-Laws

CAB Operating Principles

Judicial Board Operating Principles

Residential College Association Operating Principles

History of SGA

“The Student Organization was first organized in 1936, and on May 11 of that year, the first Constitution for the Organization was written and ratified. The purpose of the Student Organization was to promote character and initiative through the responsibilities of effective organization and a featured purpose of the Organization was to expand and promote interest in student affairs, to provide the means for the clear expression of student opinion and its presentation to the administration when advisable, to unify and systematize campus activities, to increase and clearly define student responsibilities, and to foster in every manner possible student character and initiative.

Dr. Forrest Pogue, a former student and then a professor at Murray State and a distinguished historian, was helpful in writing or formulating the original Constitution.

Because of the outstanding efforts of students and faculty advisors, the 1937 Shield was dedicated to the Student Organization. In later years, the students changed the name to the Student Government. In 1968, the Constitution was rewritten and continues to serve as it has through the years as the effective voice of the students working in harmony with the administration and acting as coordinator of student- campus activities.

In the 60’s, the Student Class Assembly consisting of the individual class officers, was made a facet of the Student Organization or the Student Government.

The Student Council is composed of the class representatives in addition to the President, the Vice President, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

Also, in 1966, a Judicial Board was formulated and approved by the Board of Regents and by the student body.”

Woods, R. H. (1973). Murray State University: Fifty Years of Progress. Retrieved from


Interested in getting involved in SGA?  Apply for a Senate Chair, Judicial Board, CAB, and vacant Senate positions today!  Applications available in the Center for Student Involvement or by visiting the Applications page!

Letter from the SGA President

Fellow Racers,

My name is Tori Wood and I am your 2017-2018 Student Government Association President and Student Regent. As the official representative of almost 11,000 students, I am humbled and honored to serve in this office.

As I enter into this position, it is vital that my role is understood by all. As a sitting member on the board of Regents, my role is to not stand for the voice of the administration, to express my own views, or to silence the ones I represent. It is my duty to be the voice of the entire student body. I commit to fighting your fight.

As your President, I will devote myself to speaking on your behalf in this upcoming year. However, I cannot fulfill my duties as President if you do not fulfill yours as a student. I challenge you to no longer simply complain to your friend or tweet about the daily struggles of being a student. I encourage you to keep complaining. Voice your opinion until it is truly heard. I may not be able to resolve every issue; however, I promise to be more than just a “President.” Let me be your complaint box, voice of reason, or simply a friend, because I believe in the positive change that can come from the Student Government Association.

In 1936, “The Student Organization” was founded on Murray State’s campus. It’s purpose was “to provide the means for the clear expression of student opinion.” As a student and leader, I stand by this purpose and principle today. I believe in the impact of the student voice. Murray State University is our University, and I will work to ensure that the student voice is never stifled or hindered, but valued and lifted up.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can reach me at (270)809-6883,, or in the Center for Student Involvement located on the first floor of the Curris Center.

Our weekly SGA meetings are open to the public, and we welcome all students who wish to voice their opinion on any topic concerning Murray State. The Student Senate meetings are held on Wednesdays at 4:30 PM in the Barkley Room on the third floor of the Curris Center.

In summation, I am truly excited to serve you this year. The Student Government Association is only as strong as the students that support it. I challenge you to get involved, voice your opinions, take ownership of our campus, and continue to support our Racers! Your fight is my fight.

Tori Wood
Student Government Association President and Student Regent