Regents College

Our Mission


Regents College is made up of the Murray State students, faculty, and staff who are its members.  Whether we are residents or commuters Regents is our home base for experiencing the enriching opportunities of University life that take place outside the classroom.  Our mission is to broaden our education socially, culturally, intellectually, and personally.  Through special programs, seminars, civic engagement, service, sports, and social events we develop skills in communication, leadership, appreciation of the arts, and sportsmanship.  We learn to work together.  We respond creatively to challenge.  We acquire good study habits. We grow in understanding of cultures and ways of life previously unfamiliar to us.  We make new friends.  At Regents we thrive; as individuals we flourish.

History and Mascot

rhinoFounded in 1996, The Regents College is named in honor of the outstanding citizens who have served on Murray State University’s Board of Regents. Our college mascot is the proud and stately Rhino; symbol of strength, determination and dignity. The Regents community includes over 1200 people, with a tenured member of the university faculty as College Head. At the center of Regents College life is our 10-story residence building, Regents Hall, which accommodates 375 students. Our building boasts its own spacious parking lot, free laundry on odd number floors, a small exercise facility, a projector available to be checked out to students, a ping pong and pool table, a Nintendo Wii, board game shelf, and two large common areas for classes, social gatherings and other college functions. 

The Regents College Coat of Arms

signOur college colors are purple and gray, symbolizing royalty and grandeur. The crest includes two regal lions, symbolizing the dignity, force and majesty of Regents College and a chess horse atop the MSU shield, symbolizing our involvement in the ongoing traditions of the university. The college motto, Semper Proficiamus, means “We Move Ever Forward.”


students Over a thousand students make up the diverse population of Regents College. Our community includes men and women from all over the United States and over 30 countries representing all walks of life and nearly every academic major at the university. Whether you are a resident of the building, an off-campus or commuter student, a graduate student or an older, non-traditional student, you are an important member of the Regents family. 

Faculty and Staff

facultyThe Regents community includes more than 100 faculty and professional staff members ranging from deans and department chairs to administrative staff and faculty members from nearly every area on campus. Whether it’s helping you move your belongings in the very first day, presenting a specialized lecture or program or helping you negotiate university requirements and opportunities, Regents College faculty and professional staff members become involved with Regents students. They are engaged and caring members of your Regents family. Students will have the chance to mingle with Regents’ faculty at the Student-Faculty Banquet hosted by RCC each semester.

Leadership Opportunities

rccRegents Residential College Council (RCC): Get involved and make a difference! Students govern themselves within Regents College, and every resident and non-resident is eligible to serve on the Residential College Council. The RCC meets every Monday evening throughout the school year to discuss and decide matters such as residence hall policy, program planning and commuter issues.

Housing Staff: If you live in the residence hall, you might want to become a Resident Advisor. These paid student leaders keep your residential community operating smoothly, and in the process become mentors and friends to the residents on their floors. RAs host fun, unique programs for residents throughout the semester too. They truly make a difference!

What’s Special About Regents College?meme

The heart of our college is our people and the spirit of cooperative living and learning that we work hard to create and re-create every year. The Regents College family is truly special because of the camaraderie that exists between members. We are dedicated not only to enriching the lives of our community members but also to doing our part to improve the lives of people beyond the Regents College family. Our motto, "We Move Ever Forward," says it all. It is the sense of community, of shared experience and shared dreams, that carries us all, students, faculty and staff, ever forward and helps us meet the challenge to create a better world for ourselves and for others as we go.



Educational: Your talented Regents College faculty and professional staff offer programs on everything from study abroad information sessions to Guitar Hero battles and decorating cookies. Your RCC and RAs will organize programs related to diversity, alcohol awareness and healthy relationships, which will be both fun and educational. Sometimes during the semester, a Regents College faculty will teach a one-credit academic seminar for Regents students. Topics change each semester and have included Social Inequality, Assassinations that Changed the World, Foundations for Life and Money, Zombies and Happiness: the psychology of health, wealth and well-being. 

Social: Informal cookouts on the front patio to Meet and Greets to the Wednesday Night Study Breaks, you will find a time and a place to join in. There is nothing better than FREE FOOD and time with fellow Rhinos.

Recreational: Piano or pool? How about a pickup volleyball game on our outdoor courts, a hike at the Land Between the Lakes, or maybe you’d like to join one of the Regents Rhino Intramural Teams for softball, flag football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, inner tube water polo or tennis? Whatever your pleasure, we’ve got the opportunities in Regents College. All you have to do is get involved!


pongA Regents College favorite is the annual LIVE AUCTION hosted each spring by RCC. Local businesses donate items and baskets to be auctioned off in Regents’ lobby. Everyone has a ton of fun, while raising money for great charities voted on by RCC. Another important event is the International Dinner. Our college hosts many of the international students on campus, and sometimes during the semester they will cook an array of international dishes. Fellow rhinos gather to enjoy our diverse community as we sample the wonderful food and learn about the language and culture. Other Regents traditions celebrate major events such as Homecoming, philanthropic service projects raise money for charities such as Relay for Life or Special Olympics and we celebrate our achievements and leadership at the annual Regents College Banquet. There is also something going on in the Regents community!