Lee Clark



Lee Clark College; Floorplans; After Move-In; Before Move-In

Approximately 298 Residents

4 Floors

2 Elevators

Also includes a kitchenette, TV lounge, rec room and laundry rooms.



Two floor plans are available - double (two students sharing one room and bathroom) or suite (four individual bedrooms sharing a bathroom and common area).

Double-room: 14'6" x 20'6"
Suite bedroom: 8'5" x 11'6"

Desk: 42”w x 24”d x 30”h

Wardrobe: 37”w x 24”d x 72”h
Includes hanger bar and 2 drawers. 

Sink area includes mirror.

Chest of 3 drawers: 36”w x 24”d x 30”h
 Under each bed, but may be moved to preference.


for 2016-2017 Academic Year

Double Room - $3,153

Designed Private Room (four-person suite/single room) - $3,726

Double Room as a Private Room - $4,300

Costs are per semester.  Private rooms cannot be guaranteed; they are made available as space permits. All utilities are included.





The front desk is manned 24/7.  All residents must show their MSU ID to enter.  Guests are welcome, but must be checked in by a resident and leave a form of ID with the front desk. 



For more information about Lee Clark College student life and its governing council, please visit the Residential College Council's Lee Clark web page.