Meal Plans

Meal Plan does a student body good. What you spend with Dining Services, stays on campus. As part of Campus Auxiliary Services, proceeds earned by campus dining venues go to university student services.

Selecting your plan:

The selection form for meal plans is located on the Money tab of your myGate.

Freshmen living on campus are automatically placed on the Unlimited Plan.  No further action is needed.

Depending on your academic or residence status, you may be required to have a meal plan.  By default, all students requiring a meal plan are placed on the Unlimited. You may change plans through the Money tab of myGate within the first 30 days of a semester.

Paying for your plan:

The cost of your meal plan is automatically included on your tuition bill, therefore scholarships may go toward covering this cost.

In accordance with the approved Board of Regent Refund policy, Dining Services cannot offer refunds on any meal plan (used or not used) after the first 30 days of the semester.

Flex Roll Over

Flex Dollars left over at the end of the Fall semester will roll over to the Spring semester.