Student Guide

ITV classes can be a quite a different experience for many students who are unfamiliar to the technology. This page will briefly discuss some general guidelines that students should follow in the ITV classroom.


  1. Make sure that you sit in the seat assigned to you on the seating chart.
  2. Please remember to remove any unnecessary books, purses, or other items from the tabletops. This ensures that the microphones on the tables are not blocked and will work properly.
  3. Some of the sites feature press-to-talk microphones. These are activated by pressing a button on the front of the microphone. A small red light will come on indicating that the microphone is active. It is very important to activate your microphone before talking. Although your local classmates and instructor may hear this information, the remote sites cannot. Please be considerate of the fact that the remote students wish to participate as well.
  4. Please speak clearly so that the remote students will hear you. When you are speaking, you may want to pause for a few seconds in order to allow the remote sites to respond.
  5. Please try to avoid any extraneous noise and conversation. Normal room noises and sidebar conversations can be picked up by the audio system and be very distracting for the remote sites. For those sites with press-to-talk microphones, we ask that you deactivate your microphone when you are finished talking.
  6. When the instructor asks for feedback, give verbal responses rather than non-verbal responses (i.e. Shaking head, shrugging shoulders, etc.). More than likely the other sites may not see you and therefore may not see your response.
  7. Don't hesitate to inform the instructor if you are experiencing trouble seeing or hearing material presented in class. More than likely other people are having similar difficulties.
  8. In the event of technical difficulties, please notify the technician and the instructor in Murray. Based on how serious the problem is the instructor may choose to continue class discussion or cancel the remainder of class. If the instructor decides to continue, accommodations are made for the affected sites.
  9. Links to a recorded video of a class may be obtained from your instructor pending their permission.  
  10. NO cell phones shall remain turned on in any ITV room since it can and typically does cause noise in the classroom microphone system which disrupts the sound for ALL of the sites participating in the ITV class. Failure to comply will result in action by the instructor to remedy the problem.