ITV Site Facilitator Checklist

  1. At the beginning of the class, be sure to introduce yourself. Let the class know that you are responsible for opening the room, turning on the equipment, proctoring exams, collecting classwork, mailing it, and distributing materials from the professor. 
  2. Remember to provide an orientation on the operation and control of the video equipment. 
  3. Inform the students what they should do with materials that need to be mailed to the instructor.
  4. Emphasize that if a technical problem occurs and the connection is lost, that Murray needs to be contacted ASAP!
  5. Also, please indicate a number and a location where you may be reached in the building in the event you are needed. This will help the students easily find you if needed.
  6. Please indicate what the students should do in the event that the doors are locked, the equipment isn't turned on, etc. This should include some phone numbers where yourself and Murray State personnel may be reached.
  7. In the event of inclement weather, the students should probably consult the TV listings or contact Murray State directly. Typically if the hosting site closes their facility due to weather, Murray State will cancel classes there as well. However, classes at Murray State will continue as scheduled.  Please refer to Murray State's home page for announcements made about closings.