Facilitator Duties and Responsibilities


  1. Show up for class at least 30 minutes early. This is especially important if it is the first day of class. REMEMBER! Showing up late or not at all without prior notification could result in immediate TERMINATION.
  2. If necessary, power up all the equipment including monitors, computer, document cameras and any other necessary device.
  3. Check to see if each distant site is turned on and operating properly. Perform an audio and video check with each site by talking to them and verifying that you can see and hear each other. Correct any problems you might encounter, and report them to ITV staff.
  4. Check the room. If things are not prepared for class, fix it.
  • Are paper and pens available for the document camera?
  • Are chairs, tables, and microphones in neat order?
  • Do cameras need to be focused or adjusted?
  • Is there adequate fax paper?
  1. When the student arrives, see if there are any special instructions or needs for today's class.
  2. For the first day of class, site coordinators are required to provide a brief orientation to the students regarding class operation. Please refer to the orientation checklist for exact details.
  3. Once class has started, if the instructor is at a remote site, make sure the local camera is on the classroom and not the empty instructors station. 

During Class

  1. Make sure the camera is showing what the students need to see - teacher, document camer, or students.
  2. Audio problems are devastating! This includes feedback, cutting in and out, static, etc. Cell phones are the major cause, and they must be turned completely OFF and not just set to vibrate or mute. When this problem occurs, inform the remote sites immediately so they can correct the problem.
  3. Be observant of the class. Make sure you record any important information regarding the class. This includes upcoming tests, class cancellations, guest speakers, or any special needs that the instructor may have.


  1. Direct the instructor to the phone in the tech office if distant students need to speak privately, and request the distant students to mute their micss for further privacy.
  2. Do not let one instructor take time from another instructor, either beginning or ending.  If an instructor lingers in an ITV room when another ITV class is imminent, politely inform the lingering instructor that another class needs the room.
  3. Ask the instructor or the students if there are any special needs for the next class. Make a note if there are and take care of it.
  4. E-mail or phone any technical problems to ITV personnel. Note any special instructions or class changes to all ITV personnel at all sites. Do not assume that others know of upcoming exams or class cancellations.
  5. If it is the last class of the day, turn equipment off, straighten up room, and lock up.


  1. There are no excuses for being late or not showing up. Doing so may result in immediate termination.
  2. If a work conflict occurs, contact ITV personnel.
  3. Always be calm and reassuring to students and faculty when problems arise. Give an approximate time for making adjustments. If a major problem arises, present instructors with the various options for the class.
  4. Always be polite to instructors, students, and site facilitators. Report any problems to ITV personnel.
  5. Keep track of important dates.