Paying for College

Cost of Attendance

2016-2017 Online Tuition

If you were admitted prior to Summer 2016, click HERE. (Note that this does not include students who attended previously and are being re-admitted to MSU.) There is a $65 per credit hour fee for all online courses. 
If you were admitted Summer 2016 or after, click HERE. There is a $65 per credit hour fee for all online courses. 
$640 per credit hour
$802 per credit hour

Financial Aid

Getting through the financial aid process can be daunting. Fortunately here at Murray State University, we have an office full of people ready to help. Begin your research here — learn all about eligibility, types of aid and how to apply. There are no restrictions for online students. All aid opportunities and processes are the same as on campus students.


Murray State has numerous of scholarship opportunities. Click scholarships to apply online and find information on how to obtain or apply an outside, third-party scholarship to your MSU education costs. Transfer scholarships may be available to first-time transfer students. There are a variety of other competitive scholarships for all students.

Military and Veteran Benefits

Veteran Affairs assists veteran students with the transition from military to civilian/university life. Veteran Affairs educational assistance is available under six different programs, which include active duty and National Guard/Selected Reserve status. Contact the Veteran Affairs office at 270-809-6837 for additional information.