Dr. Brenda Wilson with her crew of volunteers from Women in Computing at the Tent City - 2011 Homecoming

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CSIS Points of Pride - 2012

We are very proud of the hard work and results produced by our faculty this past year. A quick summary is provided below:

  • New dual credit courses in area high schools – This was a huge success. Seventy-one students from six schools were able to participate and get college credit for a nominal fee. For 2012, we have extended this to CSC125 – designing static web-sites.
  • E-commerce Certification – We are making progress in this area and hope to propose a package that leads to a certification this Fall. It will be available online to help people seeking to retool themselves in these tough times.
  • New faculty: Dr. Lin Li has joined our Computer Science faculty and comes to us from Clemson University. Her research strives to bring principles and techniques from computer science to solve problems in other disciplines, especially, human health. This includes theoretical and applied research in image processing, computer vision, information visualization, machine learning, and data mining for the quantitative analysis of structures (both anatomical and pathological) and functions in medical images, as well as knowledge discovery and management in health informatics.

    Her future research will focus on the development of advanced algorithms and novel tools that enable the understanding of human body in health and disease, in order to promote health and prevent or reduce the risk of diseases.

    Her teaching interests are: database systems, object oriented software development, mathematical foundation of computer science, computer networks and distributed system, and parallel computing.

    We are looking forward to a new era in Computer Science education and research at Murray State.

  • Grants:  Three major projects were funded by federal, local and international grants  Dr. Pilgrim
    • Dr. Bob Pilgrim’s research has got him well-deserved international recognition for his research on weed-killing robots.  He is continuing his research with a 4-year grant funded by the Technology Strategies Board in the United Kingdom. He is collaborating with researchers from the University of Reading. (850,000 British Pounds  or1.3M US Dollars).Dr. Mike Bowman
    • Dr. Bowman completed the “Incident Management Decision Support System-Health (IMDSS-H)” for the National Institute for Hometown Security. ($1.7M.)
    • Dr. Bowman also got funded for the “Flyable Repeater” by the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation ($75k)

Of course, this does not exclude the real pride we feel from the placement of our students in good, well-paying jobs. For that, we thank each and every member of our dedicated faculty!

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