AA in General Studies Degree

The Associate of Arts in General Studies is a degree for special populations. It can be completed on-campus or as a online program and prepares students for careers in general studies / liberal arts.  The degree includes the following course requirements:

University Studies Requirements: 39-43 hours

• Oral and Written Communication: 4 hours

• Global Awareness, Cultural Diversity, and the World's Artistic Traditions: 3 hours

• Scientific Inquiry, Methodologies, and Quantitative Skills: 10-12 hours

• Social and Self Awareness and Responsible Citizenship: 6 hours

• World's Historical, Literary, and Philosophical Traditions: 6 hours

• University Studies Approved Electives: 10-12 hours

Approved Electives: 21 hours

Total Curriculum Requirements .................................60-64 hrs

For more information, contact Lisa Schmidt:
(270) 809-2159