Student Health Educators Association

Student Health Educators Association (SHEA)

SHEA recruitment flyer

Kimberly Whitaker

Kimberly Whitaker, SHEA President, from Owensboro, KY

Advice for prospective students:

Make friends with people in your major! They will be so much help throughout the next few years. There will be something you don't understand that you need someone to explain to you, or you'll get sick and need to copy someone's notes, there will be group projects and you'll need people to partner with, or you'll forget about a test and someone will remind you. Making friends or at least being well acquainted with them will be extremely helpful.

Favorite thing about Murray State University:

The community. People are very friendly and helpful here and that is what drew me to this University in the first place.

Why I selected a major in PCH:

I have always been interested in healthcare and PCH was a perfect fit for me because it covers so many different healthcare related things. This major allows me to learn a little bit about everything where as some other majors focus on one specific area in healthcare. This major also offers you so many different opportunities for jobs after graduation. 

Matthew Allen

Matthew Allen, SHEA Vice-President, from Tompkinsville, KY.

About me:

My name is Matthew Allen. I am a student in the Public and Community Health program with a concentration in Healthcare Administration. I also have a minor in psychology.

Advice for Prospective Students:

My advice to prospective students is to do what makes them happy.

Favorite thing about Murray State:

My favorite thing about Murray State University is the professors. Within my experience, the faculty want you to succeed regardless if they are your advisor. A lot of people ask the question, "Why do you like your program?" My answer stays the same. The PCH program is a very hands-on program, which allows you to explore all aspects of healthcare.

Chelsey Delaney

Chelsey Delaney, SHEA secretary, from Murray, KY.

About me:

My name is Chelsey. I am a PCH major with a minor in psychology. I love coffee and watching Netflix.

Favorite thing about Murray State:

My favorite part about Murray State University is how fun and integrated campus is. There's always something to do on campus and always something going on.

Advice for Prospective Students:

Some advice I'd give to prospective students would be to get a planner and write everything down because you're going to have plenty of activities and projects to keep up with that you don't want to forget about any of them because they all apply to something you'll be doing in whatever career you decide to do with your degree.