Health & Wellness Community Outreach Lab

Welcome to the Health and Wellness Community Outreach Lab in the
Department of Applied Health Sciences at Murray State University.

The Health and Wellness Community Outreach Lab is coordinated by Dr.
Miranda Terry. The mission of the lab is to improve the health and
quality of life on campus and in the local community and PADD region.

The goals of the Health and Wellness Community Outreach Lab are to
collaborate with campus, community, and regional partners to:
(a) plan, implement, evaluate community health events;
(b) address food insecurity,
(c) identify and eliminate barriers to health and health care,
(d) increase quality of life and optimize well-being, and
(e) to understand the cultural context in which people live in order
to promote healthy, inclusive communities across various social

Community Collaborations

Murray-Calloway County Need Line 

Research / Project Collaborations

Graves County Health Department -- "Barriers to Preventative Healthcare Screenings"

Wellness Consortium Obesity Workgroup Community Challenges