Client Handbook

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By default, this data is sorted by laboratory department then by Test/Panel name. The white trangles in the table header below enable sorting on that column. So clicking the up-triangle by the Test/Panel will sort the data from A to Z on test/Panel name. Clicking the down-triangle will sort the data from Z to A. The blue triangle represents the current sort order.

Use the search option below to filter data. For example, typing "avian" in search (without quotes) will filter the table to show only those rows with the word avian in it. Or typing "virology" will only list tests from our Virology department. This search is NOT case-sensitive, so "Avian" and "avian" will both show the same data.

Expected Time represents the number of Business Days the test should take to process from the time the sample is received in the laboratory section to when the preliminary test results are available. Weekends and holidays do not count in this time, nor does mail float time between when you send a sample and when we receive it. Other factors, such as sample preparation prior to testing (i.e. performing a Necropsy to gather tissue samples for further testing) and review by case coordinator and/or laboratory section supervisor may further extend the time between the sample entering the BVC and the final case report being delivered.

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