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Seminars-Spring 2018

All seminars are in Blackburn 320 on Fridays at 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm (unless otherwise noted).

For more information or to volunteer to present a future seminar, please contact Dr. Gary Stinchcomb or Dr. Michelle Casey.

Date Topic Guest Speaker


How a Wobble in the Earth’s Rotation Changes Ocean Sediment (AKA: Milankovitch -Driven Pelagic Rhythmites, Paleocene North Atlantic)

Dr. Mary Anne Holmes, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Reconstructing novel sensory systems using "digital" dolphins

Dr. Rachel Racicot, Vanderbilt University and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County


The core value of interdisciplinary research: from paleobiology, remote sensing ecology, to next generation species distribution models

Kate He, Murray State University


The Heritage Program at Land Between the Lakes

Chris Thornock; Acting Heritage Program Manager


Master's Defense: A Quantitative Analysis of Intermediate Forms within Astarte from the Atlantic Coastal Plain

Phil Roberson, Murray State University


Seeing the ape in the trees: Paleoecological reconstructions for Ekembo sites on Rusinga and Mfangano Islands, Lake Victoria, Kenya

Dr. Lauren Michel, Tennessee Tech