Well Water Testing

What we test for: Total Coliform Bacteria and E. coli using the Colilert method required by KRS 223.400 - 223.460 and 223.991. We provide you with a KENTUCKY WELL WATER BACTERIAL REPORT for use in reporting test required by the above.  

When are we open: Samples will be accepted Monday through Thursday, before noon, when the university is open.

Collecting your sample: Use a sterile container (a jar or bottle put through a hot dishwashing cycle is sufficient or you may obtain a sterile container from us). Collect at least a pint, keep on ice, and deliver to us at the Biology Building, Rm 2112. It is the building across 16th Street from Wells Hall and Faculty Hall.  We must test your sample within 6 hours of your sampling. 

When will your results be ready:  Once we have your sample processed it must be incubated for 24 hours.  The results will be ready for you at that time.

What if your sample is contaminated: Contamination by Total Coliform indicates your well may be contaminated from a human septic system and, therefore, may contain human pathogens. Testing for E. coli is recommended. Presence of E. coli indicates that an unsanitary condition exists and shock chlorination is required.  After disinfection your water should be retested. (Note: some finance companies require both test to show 0 bacterial contamination.)

How to treat your well:  Pour ½ gallon to one gallon chlorine bleach into your well and let sit overnight. Open all the faucets and run water for 1 hour to decontaminate the plumbing. When you can no longer smell the bleach in the water you can take a new sample for testing as above.

How much does it cost: We charge $20.00 for the test. If you pay at the time of delivery we can mail, email, or fax your report. You may also pick-up your results at Rm 2112 Biology Building. Checks should be made payable to Murray State University. With the increased costs for the Colilert test we can no longer give a discount for retests.

Your use of our service is very much appreciated.  For assistance our telephone number is (270) 809-2786.