Liberal Arts Field in Japanese

Advisors: Yoko Hatakeyama


Required Courses - 6 hours



JPN 301


Conversation and Composition I


JPN 302


Conversation and Composition II


Electives - 12 hours



Any four of the following, with at least one 400-level course:



JPN 306


Introduction to Japanese Literature


JPN 310


Conversation and Composition Abroad


JPN 323


Japanese Culture and Civilization


JPN 324


Contemporary Japanese Culture and Civilization


JPN 331


Advanced Language Practice


JPN 350


Modern Japanese Literature in Translation


JPN 401


Advanced Japanese I


JPN 402


Advanced Japanese II


JPN 421


Topics in Japanese Literature


JPN 441


Topics in Japanese Cultural Studies


JPN 460


Studies in a Genre



Or, with the approval of the department advisor, other upper-level electives in Japanese.


Total Requirements - 18 hours


The requirements listed above are an example of what is applicable to most students entering Murray State University at the present time. Criteria as they may relate to individual students may vary. The primary source is the Undergraduate Bulletin applicable at the time of the student enrollment.