Liberal Arts Field in Gender and Diversity Studies

Advisor: Joshua Adair

Required Course: GDS 201 (Introduction to Multicultural, Class, and Gender Studies)

Choose 15 hours of electives. (at least six hours must be upper-division completed in residence at Murray State)

ANT 140

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANT 329

North American Indians

ANT 343

Minorities in the United States

ANT 344

The Black Experience

ANT 596

The Minority Elderly

ARC 150

Introduction to Archaeology

ARC 380

Gender Archaeology

ART 211

Introduction to the History of Art I, or

ART 212

Introduction to the History of Art II

ART 356

The Art of Non-Western Cultures

CHN 340

Chinese Diversity Through Food

COM 340

Intercultural Communication

ECO 140

Contemporary Economics

ENG 245

African-American Literature

ENG 250

Contemporary World Literature

ENG 318

Women’s Literature

ENG 319

Gay and Lesbian Literature

ENG 320

Survey in African-American Literature

GDS 351

Open Topics in Gender and Diversity

GDS 412

Directed Study in Multicultural, Class, and Gender Studies

GSC 110

World Geography

HIS 309

Survey of World Religions

HIS 320

African-American History

HIS 340

Modern East Asia

HIS 350

History of Latin America

HIS 354

Ancient Middle East

HIS 355

Islamic Middle East

HIS 359

Early India

HIS 360

Modern India

HIS 370

History of Africa

HIS 415

Women in History

HIS 445

History of Race Relations in the United States

HIS 450

Modern Africa

HIS 451

Slavery and Africa

HIS 455

Middle East since 1800

HIS 472

Modern China

HIS 474

China in Revolution

HIS 475

Modern Japan

HIS 481

Revolutionary Mexico 1810 to the Present

POL 342

Ethnic Politics

POL 447

Constitutional Law II: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

POL 453

Government and Politics of Latin America

POL 454

Government and Politics of Asia

PSY 221

Psychology of Human Sexuality

PSY 302

Topical Seminar

SOC 331

The Family

SOC 337

Social Inequality

SOC 355

Perspectives on Women

SWK 225

Human Diversity


One and only one of the following may be included in the 15 hours of electives:

CHN 105

Contemporary Chinese Culture

FRE 105

Introduction to French Culture

GER 105

Introduction to German Culture

JPN 105

Introduction to Japanese Culture

SPA 105

Introduction to Hispanic Culture